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All notable updates and changes to the LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform are documented here.


  • Extended expression engine


  • Process module Handover can now have a custom email subject and body. Also a skip button is offered and ${chat_history()} can be used in the body.


  • Added process module Poll, which based on questionnaire questions show a real-time poll view in the chat.


  • In branding it is now possible to change the text color of paragraphs (free-floating texts) such as "Waiting for Agent"


  • Questions in questionnaires can now be referenced by conditions without variables
  • New variable selector that helps in defining conditions
  • GPT
    • Suggest processes linked to articles by default
    • Allow changing command for prompt
    • Only suggest Continue quick reply in jumps when item in jump manager
    • Add analytics events


  • Added Role Revision
  • In process module Questionnaire date questions can now only ask for month/year or for year instead of day/month/year
  • Product gallery buttons are now aligned to bottom
  • In home view the groups and roster entries can now jump to other home views and URLs instead of only to experiences.
  • In the process editor flow elements can now be rearranged when in detail view.


  • In process module Questionnaire analytics for priority questions were added
  • Added support for Stripe for certain license products.
  • GPT answers can now offer follow-up actions such as jumps to experiences.
  • Process module Beiersdorf can now upload files.
  • Added process module Azure Active Directory. This module allows customers to authenticate in the chat with an user account from Azure Active Directory.
  • Added process module Keycloak. This module allows customers to authenticate in the chat with an user account from Keycloak.


  • Added archive filter to live view
  • In process module Questionnaire the question type Ordering/Prioritize now has a more compact layout, so that more options are visible at the same time on small display sizes.


  • Process module Places now writes to analytics, when a place has been selected.
  • When a timeout occurs when calling OpenAI ChatGPT, a more descriptive error message is given.
  • Weekly analytics update emails now contain the analytics time interval as dates.
  • The customer inquiry is automatically filled into the email handover form, if the inquiry could not be answered by the knowledge base automatically.
  • In process modules that use connectors a how-to guide has been added.
  • In Knowledge and NLU the language is prefilled, if only one language is selected in knowledge settings.
  • The modules on are now sorted alphabetically


  • ChatGPT
    • Switch to ChatGPT-3.5 as default
    • Add button to update GPT knowledge base
    • Use language from LoyJoy in prompt (instruct ChatGPT to answer in users' language)
    • Allow adding custom API keys for OpenAI
  • Knowledge Feedback: Ask your customer for feedback for your articles or GPT answers
  • New Process Module Product-Feed
    • Connect your product feed to LoyJoy, e. g. to easily add products from your PIM system
    • Available connectors: JSON-API, Google Sheets
    • Three recommendation modes: Off, Filter, Smart
  • Product Gallery is now able to filter or recommend products
  • Process module Locale select now reports choices into analytics
  • Upon user registration the welcome email is now delayed 3 minutes
  • Live chat
    • Added typing indicator for both agent and customer
    • Variables such as ${firstname} can be used in message templates
    • In live profile settings now multiple tenants can be selected, of which conversations should be displayed combined in live agent view. This enables an agent of one tenant to interact with conversations in multiple tenants.
  • Analytics
    • Number of chat loads are measured
  • LoyJoy REST Api
    • Added endpoints for creating, reading, updating and deleting articles and catalogs
    • Added endpoint for downloading catalogs as XML
  • Added new function Number of redemptions remaining that returns for process module Loyalty Redemption, how many redemptions remain.
  • OneTrust in consent manager Smart mode now waits 2 seconds for the OneTrust consent manager to load.


  • Process modules, which collect data as variables now require a decision, if this data should be stored in the webbrowser or database. If database is selected, a disk symbol is shown in the process editor.


  • Added JavaScript api endpoints pushRoute and toggle.
  • Process module Appointment can now have multiple recipient email addresses.
  • Added role Knowledge, which can edit knowledge settings and catalogs, but is not able to see detailed customer data or export CSV files.
  • Disabled flow element paste control in analytics.


  • In LoyJoy Manager added Last Editor for experiences and home views.
  • Issues checker
    • Issues are now shown not only at process module level, but also in the processes list as well as at entity level. This helps to identify and fix issues more easily.
    • Added model checking rule for missing articles of experience languages, so that experiences do not show empty knowledge search results.
    • Added model checking rule for PDF files with incorrectly mapped PDF form fields.
    • Added model checking rule for questionnaire icon questions with missing icon assets.
  • Added edit_distance to knowledge settings, which allows you to configure, how far the distance between search term and search text can be. This enables you to reduce false positives or false negatives according to your needs.
  • The sign up page now describes features of the platform.
  • Added REST api for programmatically importing catalogs and articles.
  • Show paste button underneath start event only on hover
  • Analytics emails
    • After subscribing to an experience, summary emails are now sent each Monday instead of every day.
    • Analytics emails have been slightly redesigned and include an opt-out link now.
  • Performance optimization for collecting analytics events.


  • In chat UI added hover effects to header buttons, quick replies, form buttons
  • The color picker in LoyJoy manager now heals invalid color values such as afaFaf to #afafaf.
  • Changed default chat UI font from Roboto to Noto Sans Display


  • Added option fullscreen=true / loyjoy-fullscreen=true so that in Android/iOS app WebView the chat can be forced to fullscreen.
  • Replaced the cross close icon with a down arrow close icon.
  • Optimized article matching algorithm.


  • Process editor
    • Added functionality to delete empty branches
    • The paste module button is now available in context of each flow element so that process modules can be pasted into any position in the model instead only behind the start event of the model.
    • Experiences now can be printed for documentation purposes.
  • Analytics
    • Switch NPS, NLU to table instead of cards
    • Remove some cards from overview, only show in drilldown
    • Share with friends is now detailled with sharing channels
  • Knowledge
    • Let your customers browse your articles by suggesting search results for their query
    • Create searchable articles with markdown support for bold and line break
    • Short articles are rendered in the chat as normal chat messages. Long articles are rendered in the chat as UI elements, which can open an article view.
    • A "Magic Fill" button automatically detects synonyms and rephrases the most relevant concepts of each article to make them more discoverable in the search.
    • Search terms without matching result articles are reported in the manager so that missing articles can be created by you.
    • If no article could be found for a search term, fallback options such as handover to customer support or jumping to another experience can be configured. Such settings do not have to be configured in each experience anymore, but are configured centrally in the tenant.
    • The search does not have to be trained anymore. Modifications go into effect instantly.
  • Live Chat
    • The chat UI is now based on conversations. The chat UI starts in a conversation. New conversations can be started via the home view, or when jumping out of the live chat.
    • Live chat is now async by default, i.e. customers can write in live chat before an agent has claimed the conversation.
    • Knowledge articles can be sent by agents in the live chat
    • After the live chat has been ended by the agent, the customer can re-enter the live chat. However, customers cannot end the live chat, only jump into separate conversations. This ensures that the live channel is kept open to customers.
    • Customers and agents are informed via email automatically, if they are not online and the other side is sending a message. This helps to bring both parties back into the chat.
  • Process module Appointment
    • Customers will now receive an email notification, when they have entered their email before booking an appointment.
    • Simplified creation and management of appointment slots by auto-fill in a certain duration.
  • Process module API client
    • Add asynchronous mode that send requests in the background so users do not have to wait for request completion
  • User management
    • All users can see which users are in the tenant.
    • Non-owners are now able to add users to their existing tenant based on their permission.
    • An owner needs to approve invitations made by non-owners
  • You can now see the filename of an uploaded file (e.g. fonts)
  • Splits and gateways can now be used in the Basic plan
  • Privacy policy is now located in tenant settings
  • Experiences can now be printed in the process editor
  • Transactional emails in LoyJoy Manager are now sent in German or English; users can configure their language in user settings.
  • General UX optimizations in LoyJoy Manager
    • Redesigned text edit fields
    • Redesigned popovers
    • Redesigned dialogs
    • Removed many settings popovers
  • Optimized paddings in chat UI image galleries
  • Model checking
    • New rules for checking broken links, overlapping intervals e.g. in giveaways
  • Web component JavaScript files can be hosted in LoyJoy
  • In branding > settings popover a margin top can be defined for the chat window. This ensures that the chat window does not overlay navbar items on the top right corner of the hosting web page such as sign-in links. Also a max height of the chat window can now be configured, which limits the height on larger screens
  • New assets are saved with their file extension. Accordingly, the new assets' CDN URLs now include the correct file extension instead of the universal .jpg
  • Moved configuration of yes/no quick texts from process to subprocesses, so that they can be configured independently.
  • Remove switch Hide annotations


  • Extended process module Live
    • A conversation can now switch between agents, e.g. for handover between departments.
    • While typing an text, a preview will be shown in the chat window.
    • Sending a text will automatically set the agent as present, i.e. the agent does not have to set itself as present before.
    • Presence indicators are visible for all agents and devices all the time.


  • Model checking rules
    • Added model checking rule for broken jump targets.
    • Added model checking rule for intermediate events with short durations.
  • Optimized ItemsAccordion
  • You can now adjust the maximal height of the chat window in Branding > Conversation by selecting from xs, sm, md, lg and xl instead of typing in pixels.
  • Fixed password mode in Beiersdorf process module.


  • Most entities such as Giveaway, Product and Prize are now draggable, so they can be reordered.
  • New analytics events for products module
    • product_shown counts each product in a gallery that is shown
    • product_gallery_shown counts the times product galleries are shown


  • In process module NPS Survey it can now be deselected that after restarting the chat the NPS is asked again.
  • Finished process module Sikom for production.
  • Live Chat
    • Simplified the live chat UI with tab pills for All conversations and Mine conversations.
    • Refreshed Live Chat UI.


  • In process module Live now conversations always show the last message, email address and further customer data.
  • In process module Data Collection questions by default now ask again, even when the associated variable already exists.


  • Added Optimizely process module / integration.


  • You can now adjust the maximal height of the chat window in Branding > Conversation > Settings-Popover
  • Process module Live chat
    • Customers can now always cancel the live chat.
    • In asynchronous request now the email address is mandatory


  • Added support for Serbian with Latin characters.
  • Formal German (Deutsch Siezen) is now represented as de-x-formal instead of de__formal for conformity with BCP 47.


  • Postal address process module
    • If only one country is available, this country is preselected in the dropdown
    • Salutation is added as an optional field
    • Optional ask for street number seperately
  • Chat bubble size
    • Adjust the size of the chat bubble that opens the chat
  • Static code analysis for BPMN models
    • Check processes for common errors
  • New Process pattern Loop
    • Execute a sequence of modules several times until associated conditions are not met
  • New Event Wait
    • Use this event when you want to wait for a certain duration in the chat to continue
  • Chat preview
    • Default delay increased from 1 second to 3
  • New Process module Hubspot
    • Create new contacts in hubspot with properties provided in LoyJoy
  • Process module API client
    • Add mode to send x-www-form-urlencoded bodies on POST & PUT requests
  • New role: Translator
    • Can see all processes, but only edit the texts
  • Texts table minor rework
  • For LoyJoy super admins: Add function to reset user chats
  • Image orientation selection reworked


  • Process module Data collection
    • Constraints of min date for question type Date now support a variable
  • Add new function IsoLocalDateTomorrow
  • In Publish tab added consent manager Atruvia, enabling an easier integration with proprietary Volksbanken consent manager.
  • Process modules Participation, Prize, Quiz now can be configured with shortened dates, e.g. 12-24 instead of 2022-12-24. This helps to reuse advent calendar experiences each year.
  • I18n entries also now can be configured with shortened dates, e.g. 12-24 instead of 2022-12-24.
  • Process module Participation
    • Removed participation confirmation emails, as they lead to complaints, injuring SMTP sending reputation.
  • Implemented new multi-text input for entering multiple texts, e.g. for tags or email addresses.
  • Module Edit Header Bar redesigned
    • Added storage duration
  • Questionnaire process module
    • You can now add units to numerical questions


  • Process module PDF can now fill PDF form fields. This adds a faster alternative to creating PDF files from HTML templates, as now you can simply create a PDF form in Adobe Acrobat and let the chat fill out the form.


  • New Process Editor
    • Build and manage your chat flow and keep the overview
    • Process representation and content management side-by-side
  • Process module Split (XOr)
  • Process module Split Decision (XOr)
  • New Event Timer
    • Model different start events within time periods in BPMN standard
  • New Event End
    • Model end event according to BPMN standard
  • Annotations
    • Create annotations for each process module
    • Special hint: Start with the keyword TODO to highlight your annotation
  • 📈 Analytics
    • The welcome module distinguish between new customers, recurrent customers and signed in recurrent customers with name.
    • New events for email send module
    • New events for PDF module
    • New events for phone module
    • Show warning in case of potential questionnaire loops
    • Show complete questionnaire questions
    • Allow clicking jump target to go to analytics


  • Added OAuth2 session payload for OAuth2 authorization code flow callbacks with page redirects.
  • Added process module Auth0, which enables to authenticate in the chat with OAuth2 provider Auth0.
  • Added general OAuth2 capabilities in the chat to LoyJoy Marketing Cloud for a unified solution for different OAuth2 providers.
  • Code process module:
    • Added option to skip the module
    • Added input variable code_in as an alternative to the code input form
    • Added option to not ask again for code after unsuccessful code input
  • Web service process module:
    • Add google service account authentication option
  • API client process module:
    • Add payload JSON parsing
    • Add option to strip JSON prefix from response
    • Check headers for saving as well as for sending
  • Added expires_at for OAuth2 sessions.
  • In Inxmail process module added payload description.
  • Process module Lottie: add mode to send Lottie animation in chat flow
  • Changed default expiry for codes to 180 days and for coupons to 360 days.
  • Optimized UI of button send paylod.
  • Extracted API widget params into separate file.
  • Products can have a CTA button


  • Added new language: Latvian (lv)
  • Optimized email and device ID in variables


  • Add functionality to search all variables by email and device ID


  • In tab Publish there is now a locale select, which adapts the JavaScript snippet to optionally override the locale of the web browser with a specific locale
  • In stories moved the close button from top right to top left, so that it does not overlap with buttons in AMP stories.


  • Assets now can contain an image URL instead of a static asset file.


  • ⏱️ New process module Opening Hours
    • Provide your opening hours and react differently depending on your opening status
  • 🗓️ Process module Appointment
    • Entering slots has been simplified


  • In tab Publish now custom tracking JavaScript can be entered.
  • Process module ReachFive now supports full OAuth code flow, i.e. supports single sign-on (SSO).
  • The launcher can now be configured with its own color.
  • For a tenant it can now be configured, that by default the LocalStorage should be disabled.
  • For slow SMTP servers in SMTP settings an email queue can be activated.
  • In tab Customers now the CSV file download can include all customer variables including questionnaire answers, not only master data such as first name.


  • 🗣️ New locales
    • Estonian
    • Lithuanian
  • 🎫 Process module coupon codes
    • Add option to send warning when coupons run low
  • Added skip answer option to process modules Birthdate, Email, Firstname, Lastname, Password, Phone, Postal address, SMS opt-in.
  • In process module Phone added options for checking if phone number is mobile or land line, and which country the phone number belongs to.
  • In Publish tab added CookieFirst.


  • Redesigned loyalty mechanics:
    • Process modules Loyalty, Loyalty referral and Code can create loyalty points. This enables multiple sources of loyalty points in chat flows.
    • Process module Rewards can show loyalty rewards for loyalty points, and offer a redeem button, if the customer has enough loyalty points. This enables to show the value loyalty points have, i.e. what can be redeemed.
    • Process modules Redemptions, Coupon code and Win can be configured to consume loyalty points. This enables multiple redemption points for loyalty points in chat flow. Process module Redemptions simply consumes loyalty points and converts them to a list of customers with postal address, i.e. for sending out physical rewards. Process module Coupon code consumes loyalty points and converts them to coupon codes, which can represent digital rewards such as Web shop coupons. Process module Win enables to integrate raffle instant win mechanics with loyalty points.
  • Added functions LocationHrefHost, LocationHrefHostLowerCase, LocationHrefPath, LocationHrefPathLowerCase that enable you to read URL components of window.location.href.


  • Entity storage time
    • The expiry time of relevant entities after which entities are deleted can now be configured
  • The initial badge number (red messages number indicator) for the chat bubble can now have a delay in tab Branding.


  • Process module BDF now offers a Write password option.
  • List items in process module List do now prevent double clicks, so that list item jumps are not executed twice on double clicks.


  • In tenant settings owners can now configure alerts that should be raised if an external API is not available or returns errors.
  • The Publish tab has been redesigned with consent managers in mind. LoyJoy now provides a preconfigured JavaScript snippet for the most important consent managers, i.e. cookie managers.
  • A new function num_participations_bpmn_process has been introduced, which in contrast to num_participations return the number of participations only for the current experience.
  • Mappings and params now are configured in a table view, not a tab view, which is helpful when there are lots of items.
  • In tab Branding the widget call-to-action now can be de delayed and have a specific duration.
  • An initial badge number (red messages number indicator) can now be defined in tab Branding for the chat launcher.


Process Modules

  • Process module Pdf
    • It is now possible to add static file attachments to emails
  • Process module Send Email
    • It is now possible to add static file attachments to emails
  • Process module Variable
    • It is now possible to set multiple variables
  • Process module Welcome
    • Returning customers are now greeted differently
  • Process module External link
    • Configuration in the manager has been simplified
    • Links can now be opened in the current tab, i.e. not opening a new tab, when clicked
  • Sessions
    • The expiry time of a session in the chat can now be adjusted in the branding tab of an experience
  • Imprint and Privacy
    • These options are now available to be shown in the menu of the navigation bar
  • NLU
    • It is now visible which intents were edited since the last AI training
  • Analytics
    • The amount of total answers for decision jumps will now be shown
  • Some JavaScript Events now offer a label in the event body, e.g. describing which button was clicked in the chat
  • By default, using the chat in the manager does not log analytics events anymore. To log analytics event, use the option at the refresh preview button.
  • Persistent quick replies are now hidden when the customer enters a live chat
  • When a form-based question has been asked, clicking on a persistent quick reply will no longer be treated as a form answer
  • Products in the product selection of the shopify module can now be add to the cart although the chat is no longer in the shopify module
  • If there are duplicate entries in a decision table, these are cleaned up automatically.


  • Added process module Lottie for Lottie background animations.
  • In chat bubbles and chat forms now line breaks are enforced in case of too long texts.


  • Process module Snapshot does not overwrite existing snapshots in case of repeated snapshots, but instead stores a snapshot history.
  • Process module ApiClient writes variable api_client_status_code containing the HTTP status code.


  • Process module Handover
    • The user request can now be made obligatory
  • Process module Live
    • The user request in asynchronous answers can now be made obligatory
  • Process module Prizes
    • A prize can now be expanded instead of indirectly asking through the "More" Button on details regarding that prize
  • Live
    • The live chat now displays the user answers provide in a form. E.g. Email or postal address
    • Notifications are played up to three times if an agent has not given an answer
    • Notifications are played only when the agent is inactive, switches browser tab or works in a different app
  • Variables
    • New function: Formatted Date Today. Evaluate the localized date of today in conditions or store it as variables
    • New function: Formatted Date Tomorrow. Evaluate the localized date of tomorrow in conditions or store it as variables
  • A problem is fixed that causes the live chat to end too early


  • Process module Handover
    • Transition from assignments determined by quiz answers to assignments determined by expressions.


  • New process module OneTrust integration
    • Create or update consent receipts in OneTrust.
    • Retrieve existing consent receipts from OneTrust.
  • New process module JavaScript
    • Allows you to execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the user’s browser
    • Results can be set as variables
  • New process module PDF 📄
    • Generate a PDF from a HTML template and populate user information using variables
    • Either offer it for download directly in the chat...
    • ... and/or send the PDF via email to the customer and/or to a specified set of emails
  • New process module Jump to home view
    • If a home view is configured this process module jumps to it.
  • Added bulk operations for multiple experiences
    • Move, archive, and pause multiple experiences simultaneously.
    • Paste the branding of one experience into muliple experiences simultaneously.
  • Images in the image gallery are now zoomable
  • Process module NPS
    • Switch between emoji slider and numbers slider.
  • BPMN Connectors - Google sheets
    • Connect your data in Google Sheets with LoyJoy modules. Currently available for the places module.
  • 📈 Analytics
    • Analytics for NLU models
    • Analytics for persistent jump quick replies
  • 💬 Live chat
    • The current experience of the user is now shown in the sidebar
    • Added an analytics event for live chat requests missed by an agent
    • The agent can now add a display name, role, and a personalized welcome message
    • ... together with the agent's avatar these are sent to the customer for greeting
    • A notification is now played when the agent switches tabs and a new conversation arrives or a new message of the current conversation comes in
    • Default waiting time is now increased to 120 seconds
  • Process module birthdate
    • Minimum age can now be checked automatically based on the current date
  • Questionnaire process module
    • The question type NPS now enables NPS score calculation in the analytics
    • It is now possible to edit the variable value for the skip button
    • The default value of the variable was changed to skip
  • Add check for regular expression for email input
  • Shopify OAuth
    • Integrate LoyJoy into your shopify store with a few clicks thanks to OAuth
  • Design your chat
    • Change the appearance of your chat like colors and border colors for each item individually
    • Use your own font and give the chat your own visual touch
  • NLU Evaluation
    • While evaluating NLU messages an intermediary step is now necessary to assign messages to intents
    • When adding messages to intents, the text can be modified beforehand
  • Chat preview now collects data about
    • Messages shown
    • Message clicked
    • Quick replies shown
    • Quick reply clicked
  • New send icon ➡️
  • Search 🔎
    • By default the user input below the chat is now a search input field.
    • Let your user search your experiences and let them start experiences on their own
    • To make an experience searchable, make sure you provide a title and a description for the experience
  • UX
    • Experiences are now grouped by folders while selecting e.g. in jumps
    • Copy text IDs on click in texts table
    • Improved decision table presentation (show function arguments, show spaces)
    • Improve fixed value expression input (no enter to confirm, warn if padded with whitespace)
  • Places/Address query
    • Redesigned autocomplete
  • The chat preview has been updated visually
  • PIN / Code input field is not type password
  • Fixed swipe behaviour in carousels for safari
  • Fixed performance issues in template store


  • New process module Places 📍
    • Ask your customers for their address and calculate the distances to a set of locations. Show the closest 4 locations as a list and offer direct navigation.


  • New API client module
  • Assets are now delivered from a CDN
  • Added OpenTelemetry for continuous performance analysis
  • Image gallery images can now be rendered with orientation landscape, square or portrait.


  • 📁 Grouping of experiences
    • Process groups are now identified by their creation date, the identifier can be edited in the process group view.
    • Customize the process group of an experience using the popover in the process edit menu.
  • 🗂️ Archiving of experiences
    • Experiences now have one of the following states: active (default), suspended, archived.
    • Archive experiences via the respective popover in the process list view.
    • Experiences with state archived behave like experiences with state inactive, furthermore they are hidden in the process list view by default.
    • Show all archived experiences of a group by toggling the respective popover in the process group view.
  • Moved management of home views to experience
    • To add a home view to an experience select the desired one in the leave button (<) of the branding tab in the experience view
  • Copy branding
    • Copy the branding of an existing process into the current process.
    • All current brand attributes are lost in this process.
    • The process from which the copy was made is displayed along with the date of the operation.
    • The copied assets are stored separately, changing the branding attributes of the process that was copied from will not affect the copied branding attributes.
  • Template store
    • Prefilled Templates got a whole rework. Create prefilled experiences with ease and joy.
    • In addition, you can subscribe to templates of other tenants. This allows for simple sharing of your curated processes with other tenants.
  • New data view replaces old customers view.
    • All tables are presented with their expiry duration.
    • Role editor can view anonymized customer data.
  • 🎊 New animations: Magenta confetti, magenta snowflake, golden raining stars.
  • Inxmail integration
    • Subscription and unsubscription of customers to mail listings via inxmail.
  • 🛒 Shopify OAuth-Flow
    • Integrate LoyJoy into your shopify store with few clicks.
  • Process module Code
    • Codes are now entered into a form, not into the footer text input.
  • 📈 Analytics
    • Sign-in module shows number of correct and incorrect code entries.
    • Questionnaire shows advanced data for NPS questions
    • Add count of connected API errors over time in overview and drilldown
  • 💬 Live chat
    • If the chat is not in the current tab, the customer now receives an audio notification on new messages
    • Additional information like current website, referral and user agent of the customer are now displayed right next to the chat
  • 🗣️ NLU
    • The management of intents are now entirely decoupled from bots respectively experiences
    • In order to use NLU in an experience, create a Model in the NLU section with a certain language
    • Create and maintain intents for different models separately
    • To make a Model available for an experience, select it in the free text input of the branding tab in the experience view
    • Redesigned the procedure for the approval of NLU messages.
    • New NLU engine based on RASA open source
  • 🖼️ Image buttons
    • Download (new) and delete (change) button
  • Participation module
    • Add participated_at column for selected random participants
  • 📜 Log
    • Split the log for manager and runtime. The runtime log is purged every 7 days.
  • 🏛️ ChatUi
    • All inserted links sent to the customer are now clickable
  • ℹ️ Reworked Help-Sidebar
  • Outdated users
    • User confirmation emails are no longer sent twice.
  • Analytics
    • Various small fixes for graph labels
  • ❓ Quiz
    • Freetext answer options were removed


  • Extended chat preview features
    • Adaptive display duration and delay
    • Up to 3 quick-replies: Experience jump in bot, experience or subprocess jump in experience
  • Live chat
    • By hovering over the agents online indicator it now shows a list of all agents who are online
    • A sound will now only be played when the new conversation is live
    • An indicator at the conversation now shows the conversation origin of the sound
  • The chat messenger UI can now be placed in the flow of the hosting webpage by adding a container element such as <div id="loyjoy-chat" style="width: 600px; height: 500px"/> before the LoyJoy JavaScript snippet. This is an alternative to the default chat UI with position fixed, which by default overlays the hosting web page.
  • Added data model for Stripe integration.


  • 📈 Analytics
    • Added a table showing the number of starts for each process.
  • Removed requirement for customer database in all process modules
    • Process module Email can be used instead of process module Sign-in for all process modules, which before required a sign-up.
    • E.g. if customer database is disabled, process module Sign-in still works, which was not possible before.
    • This enables LoyJoy to run completely without a database.
  • Live chat
    • It is now not longer possible to end chats twice when filtering the conversations for live chats.


  • Image size recommendations
    • Recommendations for the best image size were added to every image upload.
    • Warning when uploading an image and animated GIF which exceeds the recommended file size.
    • Displays warning when the currently uploaded image or animated GIF exceeds the recommended file size.
  • Add training data for NLU from customer messages
    • Messages from chats can now be assigned to intent training data to extend the training data.
  • Live chat
    • It is now possible to filter solely for live chats.
    • You can now end the live chat with one button click.
    • Whenever you route your customer to other processes or process modules the destination is now shown in the chat.
    • Message templates can now be edited before sending.
    • A typing indicator gives your users feedback on whether their request is being processed.
    • An online indicator provides information to the agent whether the user is still in the chat.
    • When no agent is online or no agent responds, the user can now leave a message and provide an email addresse for response notifications.
    • It is now not longer necessary to select the responsible agents inside the process module. An agent therefore only needs to set her/his online state in the live view.
  • 📈 Analytics:
    • Home view
      • From now on every click in the home view are being counted and provided in analytics.
    • List process module
      • From now on every click on a element is being counted and provided in analytics.
  • New function: User agent
    • Returns the customer's user agent
  • E-Mail addresses are added to code & coupon code CSV downloads for redeemed codes


  • New Process module: Email
    • Ask your customers for their email address.
  • Refactored process module Timer.
    • Timer settings are now self-explaining in the manager
    • Timers are executed with second-precision
  • Added new function IsoLocalDateTime.
  • The z-index of bots and processes can now be edited.
  • Animations between Chat UI view are now smoother due to CSS only instead of JavaScript.


  • New modes for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud process module:
    • Assure contact
    • Send email
  • New functions newsletter_double_opt_in_url & profiling_double_opt_in_url can be used to create opt-in URLs e.g. in mappings
  • Several process modules no longer require a previous sign-in: Web-push opt-in, Notification, Reminder. Instead these now solely rely on push subscriptions, which are anonymous by default.
  • Fairy dust animation color
  • Loyalty coin image can be added for bots (hidden setting)


  • Integrate your Shopify store in LoyJoy with the brand new process module Shopify 🛍️
    • Display and filter products of your Shopify store in the chat.
    • Add items to the Shopify cart within the chat. 🛒
    • View the current shopping cart in the chat and let your customers modify it.
  • New process module Jump return. This is useful for reusing experiences in other experiences like a function call. Jump into a called process and after ending automatically return to the calling process.
  • Process module Questionnaire now offers the beloved emoji slider as known from the NPS process module. 😍
  • Process module Postal address now optionally asks for a country which can be selected from a list of predefined options. This feature can be activated by adding countries in the process module.
  • Process module Live now distinguishes between Waiting for agent and Live chat started.
  • By default LoyJoy loads the service worker from /service-worker.js to enable e.g. push notifications. To prevent LoyJoy from trying to load the service worker you now can use the parameter serviceWorkerDisable: true to prevent an HTTP 404 error.
  • Added several modes to process module Beiersdorf.
  • Removed support for Internet Explorer 11. In case of Internet Explorer 11 the chat does not render anymore. 👋
  • Carousels now do not render a scroll bar anymore. This is possible due to removal of support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Several process modules no longer require a previous sign-in: Code, Coupon code, Loyalty, Loyalty referral, Loyalty sharing, Giveaway participation, Instant win. Instead these simply require an auth_email variable to operate, which is set by other process modules such as Sign in, ReachFive or ProCampaign.
  • Stories style for compact and large has been simplified to large only. Thus, stories now always have a cover and optionally an avatar.
  • Removed process module In-chat push.
  • Fixed color of the Fairy Dust animation. ✨
  • Fixes in icon view for questionnaire single choice and multiple choice questions.


  • Added process module Opt-ins, which shows all opt-ins of a customer with the option to opt out. Before this was a hard-coded part of the settings area.
  • Added process module Edit email, which allows the customer to change the email address. Before this was a hard-coded part of the settings area.
  • Several process modules no longer require a previous sign-in: Notification, Process Instance List, Reminder.
  • Process modules Participation and Loyalty now check terms autonomously without requiring a Sign-in process module in the same experience.
  • JavaScript API parameter restart now restarts on (1) a page reload, (2) calling LoyJoy('boot') or (3) jumping to another experience.


  • 📈 New Analytics
    • New detail view with heat map: Allows to display the performance per process module.
    • New session concept: Chat opens & interactions within 30 minutes are measured.
    • New, bot-wide analytics with aggregated performance measurement.
  • Copy function for process modules
    • Functionality to specify the position at which a copied process module should be pasted.
  • Updated process module Questionnaire
    • Questionnaire result email is obsolete and going to be removed soon. Until then, it will inform about the planned removal.
  • Updated process module Search
    • Search queries can now be entered in a form in the chat instead in the text.
  • All opt-ins such as newsletter opt-ins are now stored primarily as customer variables. As such they can be read and written with their variable name such as customer_newsletter_single_opt_in. When writing a variable such as customer_newsletter_single_opt_in = true in a process, in the background the corresponding row in the opt-ins table is automatically written for later CSV export of opt-ins.
  • Several process modules no longer require a previous sign-in: Newsletter opt-in, Profiling opt-in, Reminder opt-in, Web push opt-in, Text message opt-in. Instead these simply require an auth_email variable to operate, which is set by other process modules such as Sign-In, ReachFive or ProCampaign.
  • Live
    • As a live agent you are now able to create message templates for the live chat. With one click you can send predefined messages and answers for recurring user requests.
    • You are now able to block users for 48 hours.
  • Prevent customers from entering only spaces in forms such as first name, phone number, and questionnaire forms.
  • List jumps now work correctly if previously jumped to from another process.


  • Process module ReachFive now implements authentication server-side instead of client-side.
  • Fixed potentially negative width of elements in data collection question type Rating.


  • Process Editor View features a new process module palette
    • Process modules are categorized by topic such as loyalty or integration. The categories are ordered by priority, starting with the most basic process modules.
    • Process modules can be filtered and searched by name, group name, tags.
    • The palette can be switchted to fullscreen view to show process module previews.
  • Updated jump logic in process modules such as Decision Jump and Automatic Jump as well as intents.
    • You can now optionally open a new chat view when jumping to another experience. This enables to visually jump between experiences with a smooth transition.
  • Find any text instantly: New global search in manager 🔎
    • Search for any text in any experience and go to the exact location with ease.
  • New process module Search 🔎
    • Lets your customers search through your whole bot. On success, the chat jumps into the experience found.
  • New Home View Widget Search 🔎
    • Let your customers enter a search query and suggest experiences to jump into.
  • Updated process module External Link
    • Links can now be embedded in the ChatUI for the following content providers: codepen, kickstarter, mixcloud, nytimes, pinterest, soundcloud, spotify, ted, vimeo, youtube
  • Several process modules do not require a sign-in before: Firstname, Lastname, Gender, Birthdate, Phone, Postal Address, Tags, Personal Data Intro. Instead they simply create customer variables such as customer_firstname, which additionally automatically is written to the Vault, as soon as the customer is signed in. Thus, using the Vault is now optional.
  • Several process modules do not trigger a sign-in before: Mail to Customer, InChat Push, Rewards, Scondoo, Yotpo. Instead these simply require an auth_email variable to operate, which is set by other process modules such as Sign-In, ReachFive or ProCampaign.
  • Process module WebService and WebComponent params can now hold expressions.
  • Process module WebComponents can now write variables.
  • Date-specific texts have now a deletion option in LoyJoy manager
  • Blocking of autocomplete for credentials in manager
  • Add suggested image sizes for image uploads
  • Data collection question types Categorical Slider and Rating are now more robust, especially on rendering the chat history after page reload.


  • Widgets in Home View are now hidden if they do not contain content
  • New process module Salesforce Interaction Studio
  • Web components are now available inside the chatflow
  • Web components can now be used in footer of ChatUI
  • Web components can now be parameterized
  • Notifications in the Home View notifications widget are now stacked if more than one
  • Live chat messages are now stored either in database or in-memory. In-memory is for financial institution tenants such as banks, database for other tenants.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Web components to be included only once


  • 📈 Analytics
  • List process brick
    • Added jump functionality to elements
  • ChatUI
    • Inverted colors of header: The header of new processes has now a white background and the font color is the primary color
    • However, this can be inverted back to the traditional design under the branding-tab
    • Increased size of the header-title
  • Audio recording
    • Customers can record and send an Audio in the Chat. (Not supported in ie11)
    • If the customer is logged in, the Audio will be saved in the history.
  • Audio player: depending on the browser the following functionality is available
    • display of audio duration and progressbar (not supoprted in safari)
    • jump forwards and backwards in current playtime (firefox(all files), chrome, edge-chromium, ie11(for files approx. smaller than 3 MB), not supported in safari
  • Questionnaire:
    • Placeholder for numerical inputs is now editable
  • Image Gallery:
    • Indicator of the active item has color
  • Added auto translation on bot level


  • External link process module
    • Titles, descriptions and images are now loaded automatically based on og-tags of respective website
    • Link clicks are measured and displayed in analytics.
  • List process module
    • List elements can now be conditioned
  • Mini program process module
    • Can now be opened automatically
    • Footer for closing the mini program can now be hidden
    • An optional clickable teaser image can now be added
  • Notification module
    • Notifications can now be sent via SMS with help of Twilio.
    • For this to work, customer must have given an SMS opt-in with SMS opt-in module and entered their phone number with Phone number module.
  • Product module
    • Link clicks are measured and displayed in analytics.
  • Timer process module
    • It is now possible to add absolute start and end dates
  • 📈 Analytics
    • Process starts are measured and shown in analytics.
    • Link clicks are measured in the External link and Product modules.
  • Callbacks added to JavaScript API
  • Text inside draggable components is now selectable
  • All CSV exports are provided as encrypted ZIP files
  • List process module
    • Margin of elements while solely using titles


  • SMS opt-in process module now supports Twilio
  • Chat "send message" button icon can now be adjusted via image upload in branding.
  • 📅 Appointment process module: Option to add a lead time
  • 📈 Analytics
    • Analytics for decision jump process module
    • Analytics for live chats
    • Analytics for home view
  • Policy user add
    • suitable greeting, if no first name known
    • new welcome email to the added user
  • Animations
    • New animations: Autumn Leaves, Santa, Cheese, Christmas balls, Easter eggs, Gift boxes, Pine cones, Pumpkins, Raining stars
    • Animation subprocess
  • Questionnaire process module
    • new question type: email
  • Stochastic timeout on image upload in Firefox Android
  • BPMN variable select popover
    • Underlying dialog no longer closes on any click
    • Resize to fit to screen


  • Mail process module can now send attachments
  • Added Clipboard process module
    • Show a text that your customers can copy


  • New help bar on the right of LoyJoy manager with context information for all functionalities of LoyJoy.
  • New Process module List
    • Show a list of generic elements to your customers and let them optionally react on it
  • New process module Salesforce Service Cloud
  • New process module Clever Reach
  • In branding added option to disable Restart chat
  • In branding added option to enable Reset chat
  • In branding added option for fullscreen mode.
  • Added event bus for ChatUI. When emitting event route_home with event process module, the ChatUI changes to home view.
  • In process module Appointment added option to send event description via email as password encrypted PDF attachment.
  • All surrounding micro-services for data storage etc. now can be disabled by super admins, allowing the LoyJoy runtime to be executed in-memory only, thus enabling the deployment of the LoyJoy runtime as an appliance in environments without any storage capabilities (e.g. embedded devices).


  • New process module Campaign Monitor
  • New process module Scondoo
  • New process module Google Pub/Sub


  • New process module Password
    • Ask your customers for a password which is stored encrypted in the session


  • Radically simplified ProCampaign process module. Everything now is managed in the process module, not in the integration.


  • User accounts can now be added to multiple tenants.
    • Simply add the user email address to multiple tenants in the tenant settings.
    • After sign in, the user can select a tenant with the tenant select control on top right beside the LoyJoy logo.


  • Extended capability for locale ar. Also markdown can now be used everywhere in the chat UI.
  • New analytics connector for pushing analytics fact and dimension table to BigQuery.
  • Introduced Web components to enable 100% customization of home screen and chat bubbles, also by 3rd-party developers. With this release custom splash screen and home view widgets are possible, custom chat bubbles will follow.
  • Video process modules now can autoplay the first video.
  • Fixed seeding standard NLU intents, which where seeded multiple times before depending on the number of locales active on the bot.


  • Added process module Reset for resetting the complete session, not only changing the process instance.


  • Added Function IsMobile to check, if the customer is chatting from a mobile device.
  • The imprint is only offered in the chatbot navigation bar, if it is configured.
  • Chat UI
    • The chat can now have an avatar image, representing the bot/live agent.
  • Data collection process module
    • Option to allow dynamic loading of dropdown options
  • Product process module
    • Button to set variable
  • Phone number process module
    • Similar to first name and last name now the phone number of the customer can be collected in the chat.
  • SMS opt-in process module
    • Added process module to collect SMS opt-ins for phone numbers
  • Birth date, first name, last name, phone number, gender, postal address can now be reasked, e.g. for building a customer settings chat process. These values before were only asked once.


  • The local storage is now used tenant-wide, not bot-wide. Thus, the authentication context of a bot is shared with the other bots of that tenant, inducing less sign-ins for the customers.
  • Added variable loyalty_balance, containing the loyalty point balance for a customer
  • Added a new function customer_age.
  • Separated storage for customer variables and process variables into a long-term storage and a transient store for more fine-granular control over variable life cycles.
  • In the chat UI texts are now interpolated in the client, not on the server, enabling a more responsive reaction on variable changes in the UI.
  • In case of a LoyJoy update the manager and chat now asks for a browser reload.


  • ProCampaign process module: replaced hardcoded configuration properties for consent text and list
    • consent text is modeled in a mapping as <consent text key> := Function I18nTranslate(<i18n_key as copied from texts table>)
    • list is modeled in a mapping as <list key> := 1
  • Sub processes can now be copied in the process editor


  • Chat UI
    • Added option to disable user input field
    • Added option to lock process from modifications 🔒
  • Redesigned the branding tab in manager
    • Branding now only contains options for styling the chat UI (i.e. no texts/content elements)
    • The branding can be inherited from the bot. This is practical for bots with many processes, which should have the same styling.
    • Some former branding settings such as SMTP settings, persistence quick replies and timezone now are configured below the list of process modules or in the respective process module
  • Extended Live chat capabilities
    • Animation payload indicator in live view
    • Live view redesign
    • Splitted live and bot message sessions with tabs
    • Notifications with mute button
    • Added Emoji picker
    • Switch for agents being online/offline
    • Option for fallback stratgy if agent does not reply


  • Process module Sign In now triggers the sign in chat flow.
  • Variables now have a store (Browser, Server) and scope (process-specific, process-independent).
  • Live process module: Agents configuration
    • Agents can now be defined on a Live process module.
    • Agents can declare themselves as online/offline in live view.
    • If there are no agents online when a user enters the Live process module, the process module is skipped.


  • Upload option for BPMN XML files of bots and processes
  • Intents additionally are matched rule-based against intent training data
  • Added REST endpoints for programmatically downloading XML process definitions
  • Added debug mode in manager that makes internal chat mechanics transparent


  • New process module: Appointment 📅
    • You can use this module to let your customers schedule invididual appointments.
    • Appointments are stored as iCalendar events, which are sent by email and can be integrated as WebCal into calendar tools such as Google Calendar.
  • New process module: Live 💬
    • This allows you to directly reply to customer requests
  • New home screen widget: Icon widget
    • Add up to 5 icons linking to experiences.
  • Migrated bots and experiences to BPMN XML files
    • Bots and experiences can be exported as XML files, providing overview over the complete configuration of bots and experiences including texts, variables collected etc.
    • All XML files are versioned and backed up internally, giving you the chance for rollbacks if needed. If you need a rollback, please contact our support and we can help you.
  • Viber fixes


  • Add option to request attributes from ProCampaign
  • Add restart parameter for widget
  • Add option to ask for Opt-Ins again in chat
  • Add API servlet to start process flow
  • Extended Salesforce integration
    • Allow upserting objects according to fields


  • New Process module: Language selection
    • This enables you to ask your customer for her/his language.
    • Possible choices are derived from the languages of the BPMN process.
  • Locales de and de__formal can now be active at the same time on the same process, enabling customers to choose between Duzen and Siezen.


  • 📧 Process module Mail:
    • Sends email in the process flow to the current customer.
  • Process module Signal.
    • Most process modules emit events. Now you can place a Signal process module in any process of the bot, which listens for such events in the bot. When an events occurs, the Signal process module is triggered in a background process execution. E.g. a use case is to listen for newsletter opt-in events in any process of the bot and trigger a background process, which writes the newsletter opt-in to Salesforce.
  • Added the functions string_replace and string_replace_all, which can be used in expressions.


  • Reminder process module
    • Schedule reminder notifications for Web push, email etc. individually for your customers, which have given a reminder opt-in.
    • Reminder schedules from menu item "Push" can now be found in the Reminder process module, which you can add to any process.
  • Refactured campaigns
    • Campaigns now are more lightweight, focussing on Web push: Simply (1) enter a title, body and URL, (2) optionally select you target customer segment, (3) optionally precalculate the segment size and (4) finally trigger sending of Web push notifications to the selected customer segment. Web push notifications will be sent instantly, without planning overhead.
  • Salesforce process module
    • Integrate Salesforce into experiences in form of a process module with the new Salesforce process module. You can map arbitrary customer variables to Salesforce data objects and attributes.
  • Background BPMN processes
    • Some integrations can now trigger background BPMN processes. E.g. the Salesforce integration now can be configured with a specific BPMN process, which then can contain the new Salesforce process module.


  • 🖼️ The carousel component got a rework
    • Video galleries, image galleries, product galleries, prizes, rewards etc. now are presented with a smooth slider
    • The slider teases successive elements of the gallery, giving the chat a horizontal dimension
  • 📤 Add a catch-all subscription with whitelist for Pub/Sub
    • Allows all types of events to be sent to a Pub/Sub topic.
    • Event types to pusblish by Pub/Sub can be configured in integration settings.


  • 💬 Refined Natural Language Processing (NLP) pipeline:
    • NLP models can now be trained by bot (before by tenant).
    • NLP models are stored in a storage after training.
    • NLP training can be canceled.


  • 📋📋📋 New process module Decision table for central evaluation and exection of bpmn process variables and other conditions.
    • If your process tends to be too complicated with many branches this process module might help you in simplifying your process
    • It is an implementation of the open DMN standard by the OMG group
  • When a new user message arrives, process information such as bot, experience and process module are now stored additionally.
    • This provides you with information about what a user has entered in which context and can be explored in the live menu.
  • 🎞️ Image sharing via new Image Sharing process module:
    • Images sent via Snapshot are pre-selected for sharing
  • 👶🧒👵 A minimum age can be set for the birthdate
    • In the LoyJoy chat UI only years in accordance with this minimum age can be selected
  • 🔗 Links are parsed correctly in questionnaire answers


  • Intent groups can now be scoped to a bot
    • This enables you to activate specific Intent groups for specific bots.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ New process module for creating reviews in Yotpo
    • Including the ability to use the trusted vendors feature
  • The coin image is now editable for Loyalty programs
  • An image can now be used as a chat background


  • Mini program process module:
    • Allow for multiple variables to be set at the same time
    • Allow blocking process flow until variables are set from within the mini program


  • Complete switch to NoSQL database repositories for scalability.
  • Timers are evaluated on all experiences, not only on default experiences.
  • Support for Google Data Studio.
  • Extended customer cleansing logic.


  • The home view is now based on widgets, which can be added flexibly:
    • Widget types to choose from are hero, stories, groups, notifications, roster. This list will grow in the future.
    • The widget type stories enables you to build AMP stories e.g. with and publish them in the home view.
    • As customers can jump from stories into experiences, stories are an exciting way to engage your customers to start chats.
  • ✨ Sparkle animation for quiz answer options.
  • Mini program process module
    • Added action to close Mini-Program via API.
  • 🎟️ Coupon Codes process module
    • Message, if no coupon codes left.
    • Number of uploaded / redeemed coupon codes in analytics.
    • Allow GS-1 Databar Expanded coupon codes.
  • Updated names for subprocesses
    • Show both type and name of a process module together.
  • Added copy option for i18n texts to copy texts of an BPMN process from one locale to another.
  • Beta REST API for reading and writing customer variables and process variables programmatically.


  • Extended process variable picker, providing process selection and information about variable declarations.
  • Added support for SMS and WhatsApp via Twilio.
  • Extended Web service integrations with URLs for process variables, customer variables and session variables. This enables you to listen for any changes to such variables via HTTP POST requests to an API provided by you.
  • Texts tab revised
    • Search updates only when search text changes.
    • Search also works on placeholder texts.
    • Adjusted layout.
  • Sign in process module reworked
    • Text before login can now be changed at sign in process module.
    • PIN-E-Mail reworked.
  • Rewards process module
    • Message if reward is not available
    • Reward redemption counts in analytics
  • Web service process module
    • Moved HTTP header authorization details to separate field, which can be configured in the Web service process module


  • Replaced roster view of Web chat with new home view.
    • Content of home view is based on process groups
    • Home view can be themed according to multi-brand / multi-bot Web chat app.
    • Roster is now component in home view.
  • 🔔 Push conditions.
    • Push can be made dependent on process & customer variables.
    • Customers can be targeted e.g. by entered data or giveaway participations.
    • Shows number of messages to be sent.
  • ↩️ Restart button added to chat menu.
  • Unified database backend for campaign notifications and reminder notifications, preparing push capabilities for Web chat.
  • Customer variables are updated before integration listeners are triggered


  • Logging is accessible unter settings > log. Unsuccessful integration HTTP calls are logged and can be analyzed there.
  • Enhanced Viber integration.
  • ProCampaign consumer account assurance.
  • New animations.
  • Switched from birthday to birthdate.
  • Fixed CSV export encoding.


  • Customer referrals.
    • Sharing with customer tokens.
    • Referring customers get loyalty points for new signups.
  • Added process groups for structuring processes into roster entries. Refactored the bots management UI around those process groups.
  • Added intent groups for structuring intents. Intent groups can be copied between tenants.
  • Integration of Viber REST API for Russian market.
  • Integration of SMS.
  • Barcode scanning for third-party messengers.
  • Activated NoSQL database repositories.
  • Version indicator in footer of management backend.
  • Moved coupon codes from experience to process module.
  • Multiple choice questions now work on third-party messengers.
  • Fix for using LoyJoy inside cross-origin iframes.


  • Integration mappings can read process variables.
    • Allows sending e.g. customer variables to ProCampaign, Salesforce, Cleverreach etc.
  • Historization of customer variables and process variables.
    • When adding a new variable, an existing variable of the same name will be archived
  • ⏲️ Timer date change.
    • Previously the timer was listening to a fixed minute interval
    • Now it can be set to be active after a date change (on the next calendar day)
    • Customers can chat at 23:50 and on 00:00 the timer will be active
    • Allows synchronizing daily giveaways & timers
    • Can be used in combination with minute threshold (timer should be active after at least 6 hours & a date change)
  • 📅 Date picker for manager preview.
    • Now arbitrary dates can be selected in the manager when working on chat flow.
    • Useful for designing chat flows of time-dependent chat flows such as advent calendars and date-specific giveaways.
  • Support for both SQL and NoSQL database repositories.
  • Sub processes can be named in a model for better overview.
  • CSV export for free-text messages.
  • Streamlined Web push subscription data model.


  • 🏆 New Loyalty process module enabling loyalty programs.
  • Chat can have width in interval XS, SM, MD, LG, XL.
  • External links based on i18n entries, enabling language-specific and date-specific links.
  • Variable picker and link picker in i18n text entry component.
  • Loading indicator and animation for mini programs.
  • Mini programs can set process variables via parent.postMessage({ action: 'setVariable', key: 'somekey', value: 'somevalue' }, '*').
  • Copy option for questionnaire questions and answer options.
  • 🌤️ Integration for weather API.
  • New animations.
  • Palette open by default.
  • Bumped dependency versions.
  • Fixes on questionnaire chat UI components.
  • Fixes for WhatsApp integration.


  • Persistent chat messages and roster view.
  • Unified jump process module.
  • Variables in I18n messages and emails.
  • Timer process module for timed push messages.
  • Intro message in proceed process module.