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Welcome to LoyJoy πŸŽ‰

The LoyJoy Conversational Marketing Platform is the go-to solution for brands aiming to boost personalization, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

With LoyJoy's no-code approach you can cut your project times in half – or less. Our built-in BPMN process engine allows you to just drag-and-drop BPMN process modules to create beautiful chat experiences.

Add knowledge and human agents to enhance the chat experience when needed. Publish your chat to websites, native apps, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Getting Started​

Watch Our Onboarding Videos​

Just click on the videos and see how it works. Have fun building your own chatbot straight away 😎

15 minute short-version 90 minute short-version part 1 90 minute short-version part 2

Special hint: The onboarding videos have chapters- check out the description and look for the chapters that are most relevant for you!

Book a Web Session​

Some ideas but don’t know how to start?

Contact us now via and let us know your individual ideas and questions.

We hope that gets you started fast- enjoy.

Your LoyJoy Team πŸš€