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Invitations and Roles

Find out how to add colleagues to your LoyJoy tenant, assign roles, and manage their user accounts.

To invite your colleagues to join, click on the Invite teammatesπŸ‘‹ tab in the upper left corner beneath your tenant.

Invite teammates

This will direct you to your settings, where you will find your current user accounts.

User Accounts​

Here you have an overview of the existing accounts for this tenant. As an owner you can add new users and invite colleagues. Scroll down to Add user account. All you need to do is enter the email address, name and role of the new user.

Add teammates


There are several different roles: Owner, Editor, Knowledge, Translator, Support, Viewer and Revision.

  • The Owner has the most rights and everything within the platform will be available. Only the Owner can add and manage new user accounts. Therefore, it is recommended that you only assign this role to a few people in your project.
  • The Editor can modify and build chat experiences, but has only limited insights into customer data and is not able to see detailed customer data or export CSV files.
  • The Knowledge user can edit knowledge settings and catalogs, but is not able to see detailed customer data or export CSV files.
  • The Translator user can only edit texts for chat experiences.
  • The Support user can only interact with live conversations and view customer data, but cannot edit chat experiences. This role could be assigned to live agents that should provide customer service with the Live process module.
  • The Viewer can only see analytics data and has the least permissions. This role could be assigned to someone who just wants to see how the chats are performing.
  • The Revision can only see data. This role could be assigned to someone who has the task of monitoring operations in the tenant.