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01.1 Sign up and sign in

Our first topic is all about signing up and signing in to LoyJoy for yourself and your whole team. Learn how you and your team get together and work on your own project.


There are basically two ways to join LoyJoy. Either you create a new workspace or you get invited into an existing workspace. To create a new workspace, go to and choose the sign up form. Here on the bottom, you can always switch between sign up and sign in. Fill out this form with your details. Check the box, and afterwards you will receive an email that you have to confirm and then you can log in. Welcome to LoyJoy. The second option is to ask your teammates to invite you into existing workspace. How can your teammates do this? They have to sign in into their existing workspace. In this case I'm using a secure log in with my fingerprint reader. When your teammates are logged in into their workspace they, can click here to invite new teammates so they enter your email address and your role, which is either owner editor support or viewer. An owner has the full access. An editor can only edit experiences. The support role can use the live chat and access customer data. The viewer can only access Analytics. Afterwards you will receive an email to confirm your account in LoyJoy and then you can log in at