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02 Process editor basics Create experience, process modules, refresh preview, publish

Now that we've made it onto the platform, let's take a look at the features that are available to us there. So now let's build our first chat 😎


Let's create our first basic experience. Click on experiences in the menu and choose new experience. You have three options here: A blank experience, you can choose a template for a quick start or you can copy an existing experience. In this case let's start with a blank experience. Immediately see our process editor and we will dive deeper here later. For now we will start very simple just drag and drop one process module, click on it and this is our welcoming module and we will just create a chat that says 'hello world'. Now you already see here on the bottom right corner there's a chat bubble. Now to make my changes go live I have to click on the refresh preview button. I click on it, the chat reloads and you see it now says 'hello world'. I have several options in this preview: I can pick a language if I have a multi-language environment, I can pick a date that this preview should simulate, for example I could choose let's say I choose December 1st if I want to try out our Christmas campaign this is of course only makes sense if you have a time-based experience, you can reset the chat every time you click the refresh preview button which is the default setting, if you want to keep the history of the chat choose inactive here and the chat will remember that you've been there before. There's also debug mode so if you run into problems activate it to get more details about what happens in your chat and the last one is the Analytics. These are inactive by default meaning that all interactions that happen here in the back end they are not reflected in the analytics. So only live chats that you publish to your website to your social media or to your apps only they will count in the analytics. If you want to change it for example to see how your experience reflects in the analytics you can activate it here. Also you should change the name of your experience so everybody knows what it's about. In this case 'Hello World' makes sense. Now if you want to publish this chat go to the publish tab and you get a link with just your chatbot on it, that you can copy and send via email to your friends and colleagues for example. Also you could upload a background image for this larger landing page, you could enter imprint, you can use the QR code to immediately try out the chat on your mobile phone and if you want to integrate it on your website just copy this small JavaScript snippet here and if you want to publish it to other platforms you have the option to choose from these on the bottom.