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05 Multi-language, translate, texts tab, language modules

Hmmm, but what about different languages? Do I have to build a new chat for each language? Of course not! You have the possibility to use a variety of different languages for all your users. And that without much effort 💪


Now let's make our 'Hello World' example multi-language. That's pretty easy! Go to the languages tab over here. You see currently we have English selected and over 30 more languages are available. Let's say we would like to add Spanish. That's it! Now it would be available in Spanish. It's important to scroll down and set your default language. So basically LoyJoy decides automatically which language to use. In this example, if a customer uses an English device it will provide an English chat, if a customer has his or her device set to Spanish of course it would be in Spanish, but for example if now someone opens the chat with a French device there's no language to choose from. What will happen? LoyJoy will then use the default language. So in this case this would be English. I could switch it to Spanish if I like. Also feel free to add more languages if you need more. In this example I will keep it to two. At the bottom here you now have the option to translate our original English into Spanish. This will just take a few seconds and now all the texts are automatically translated to Spanish. Of course it's an automated translation which is not always perfect but I will show you in a minute how you can change your texts in a few seconds. First of all let's see how we can now try out the chat in Spanish. First of all I want to refresh the preview and in my options I have the select language and now I can choose Spanish and let's see what happens if I choose Spanish. Refresh again and I'm not a Spanish speaker but I hope it will be correct. That's pretty simple! Now I could also go to the text tab to see all the customized texts that we have in this experience and I can manually change those. You can also have a look at all texts so you see this is a longer list because there are some default texts that might be used some at some place in the chat. You can also search the text. So for example here I see the welcome greeting. Maybe you want to publish to certain websites only one language version: Go to the publish Tab and you will see that you can override the language of the web browser. So for example I could say switch this to English and you see it adds a parameter here and if that's present the language in the first place will always be English. Another option to make users choose their language you will find in our process modules: Here are two multi-language modules. Let's choose language selection. For example after the welcoming we could offer the language selection. You see currently it's English and Spanish that's available and based on that decision the chat will appear for the customer. So currently I started in Spanish but now I have the choice and I can switch to English.