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08 Handling folders & experiences multi-select, copy, archive, move, delete, pause

When you finally finish your chats, management becomes important. Being informed about the activities, archiving and much more...


After you've created several experiences you might want to use folders and also our bulk changes feature. So let's create a new folder here you can also copy folders so it offers me to paste the copy, I will go for the blank folder and now I have created a new folder let's go back to experiences: Rename it, call it 'My Hello World Folder' and now I want to move these two experiences, these 'Hello World' and 'Hello World (Copy)', into my new folder. Now I could do this manually by clicking on the menu and selecting move and I can move it to the folder but since these are more than one I can also select both of them and immediately see here on the bottom that some bulk changing options appear. I can now move them with one click. Now they're in the folder. And you see I have several more options here regarding the experience. Now you could again move them, you can pause them if necessary, you can archive them if you don't want to use them anymore and you can also paste the branding. I created the branding only in the 'Hello World Folder', now I want to apply the branding also for my copy. I can do it here and say please apply the 'Hello World' branding for all of these experiences. Now if I go to 'Hello World (Copy)' you see it has my new branding with the new font and the logo. Still since it's an old copy it only has a welcoming module. There's also the option to delete experiences. You should only delete them if you are really sure that you won't use them in the future. To delete them you would need to enter a random code here so you can select copy and paste the code. I will not delete this experience so I will cancel it. And you also see here are three buttons: You can copy the experience, you can subscribe for an analytics report, so every day you will get an email with the analytics, and you can open the analytics so as a quick link. Instead of deleting I suggest to archive experiences. As soon as I archive this experience you will see here is a new option that appears with the counter behind it and I can view the archived experiences and then I can also unarchive the experience. Now it's back again.