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09 Modules that create data and data storage in LoyJoy, export CSV

You need your collected data? And best of all, in a simple and secure way? Easy 😊


Some of the larger process modules will store data in a larger database. Now this is completely optional so when you set up your LoyJoy workspace you can completely switch off any data storage. Also you can decide which modules are allowed to store data and for how long data is stored. Every data that is stored in LoyJoy always has an automatic expiry date so nothing will be stored forever. Also all the data is stored in an encrypted environment and hosted in the European Union. This is extremely important for companies that fall under the gdpr jurisdiction as we since LoyJoy is a german-based company. Let's see how this works. I will go back to our 'Hello World' example and now let's say we want to add a little raffle for the customers that choose the red pill. How can I do that? We have a giveaway module and I will add it below our external link. Now in order to take part in a raffle or giveaway customers have to provide the email address so I will add the email module before the giveaway module. Now let's configure it so the email module I don't need to configure anything I just could at terms and could change the text. I will do that in our example and you see the email addresses entered here will be stored for 60 days in our table called 'variance'. What happens in the giveaway? You just have to click here on the top. So for 60 days it will store participations, for seven days it will store data in our runtime log, for 60 days, if we have winners, it will store winning participations and for 60 days also in the variables. Now here I need to add a giveaway in order to activate the module and I will allow customers to only participate once. The setting could also be changed up to unrestricted often participations. Alright, for this example this should do already. I will refresh and go through the chat one more time. Here comes our new feature so it will ask for my email address and this is the raffle or giveaway module it tells me that I'm now taking part. And we can see that this is true if we go to the data item and you see we have several options here, several tabs, which represent the different tables you can store data in. So most of these are pretty self-explanatory. For example the giveaways tab will take me to the giveaway participants. So you see also that we have the option to store consents. So if you use a consent or opt-in module this will be stored here. Instant win is an another module, we have a codes module, loyalty modules, we talked about variables, we have files that can be stored for example we have upload... Let's take a look at the giveaways tab. Now we want to see participations. So there should be just one participation which is me and I just took part in the 'Hello World' experience. You can also now delete all entries manually if you want to delete them earlier than 60 days. Here you can also have a CSV export of your participations. Let's give it a try! As soon as I export data from LoyJoy you have to accept that I will delete it as soon as possible. I will not distribute it unencrypted for example by email I will keep the password secret and of course now the file is my responsibility since it's leaving the LoyJoy platform. What will happen now is I will get an encrypted download and here's the one-time password for that encrypted download. So if you want to use it copy it and now you can download the zip file. And you see, here is the zip file and to open it I need the password I'm going to paste it and now I can open it and you see what it looks like. So most important for you will be the created ad and the email address and if used also of course this personal data, giveaway ID and these other IDs are more for technical reasons.