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10 Live Chat with asynchronous response

Did you know that you can also write live with your customers? Find out how you can do it:


Let's create a live chat for our customers. We're going to start with the most simple version: create a blank experience, call it live chat and now we will only add one module which is live chat and that's it basically. you could publish this now but let's quickly check, how we can configure it. So the normal case would be a customer opens the chat and there's an agent available and the live chat will start, so you don't needto configure this basic function. But you need to configure what happens if no agent is available and you have three options. You could exit, that means the chat will move on to the next process module, in this case there is there isn't any, you could have a jump, so you could jump into another experience or to another module or you could customize offer to leave an asynchronous response and the third option is what I would prefer. So in this case we could say we wait for 60 seconds for an agent to respond. If there's no agent available online at all it will of course immediately move to the asynchronous response. So what will happen? The chat will now offer 'Please leave a message! We'll get back to you as soon as possible'. You can also send an email notification to your customer if they receive an asynchronous response. Here you can define the subject and the content of the email. Let's see how that looks like: Because currently of course I would need to go to the live section to be available as an agent so no agent will be available. And you see 'Sorry there's no agent available please leave a message we will get back to you'. I will leave a message 'Please get back to me' and now if I want to receive these email notifications I just can leave my email address to receive the response via email too. Now if I go to the live chat section and I'll switch on online as an agent and I can also filter that I only see live chats and you see now this is only one without agent. I could reply now asynchronously. This user is waiting for an email notification. Okay, so let me type a response... I can send this response and I can also send an email notification.