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Changelog 2023


  • New functions parseJson, urlEncode
  • Added GPT descriptions for experiences
  • Giveaways, instant win, redemptions:
    • Show phone number column in table
    • Add process (experience) name & sub-process (module) name to CSV export
    • Store separate house number
  • API client module: Add octet stream file upload mode
  • Added option to use a custom fine-tuned OpenAI GPT model


  • Places module:
    • New mode: Set variable: Allows to set variables of selected location to use later in the experience
  • API client module: Fix password authentication mode for OAuth2


  • New replay feature for API client & web service modules
    • Allows for saving failed requests & send them again
  • Header of process-related emails now contain the properties "x-process-id" and "x-process-name"


  • New Process Module: Workato
    • Integrate LoyJoy into your Workato flow
  • It is now possible to use line breaks for chat messages
  • Branding
    • Chat preview is now seeded when an experience is created
    • Quick replies are now filled by default
    • The default language and default region is now being asked on tenant creation
    • Settings for chat history can now be set in the publish area instead of in the branding area
    • The Branding area now has quick settings
    • The Branding area is no longer pre selected. Instead it appears a prompt that the user instructs to click on an area
    • Some module names are changed and their associated categories
  • Live Process module
    • Async mode can now be turned off
  • Publish
    • Native apps for android and iOS were added
  • External link: When fetching OG tag information, all fields get blocked
  • CSV exports now support semicolons


  • New Process Module: Conversion
    • Measure custom conversions choosen by you
  • The message tab in knowledge now show the last 1000 messages at max


  • Added Tealium Consent Manager.
  • The signup process now includes an approval step by LoyJoy support.
  • New search engine for search in LoyJoy Manager.
  • On the landing page the launcher is shown always, also if the launcher is disabled in the experience.
  • In GPT, offering experiences as part of GPT answers is now enabled by default.
  • When copying a template, the template folder is reset.


  • Improved handling of invalid validation regexes.
  • Added Korean and Vietnamese languages.


  • GPT
    • Also questions are logged, for which no answer could be generated by GPT, i.e. "I don`t know" was the answer.
    • Added AI label for AI generated messages. Can be turned off, optionally.
    • Optimized default system message


  • Added process module for Zapier.
  • The expressions input has been refactored, so that existing expressions can be edited.


  • Added process module for Rapidmail.


  • When uploading images in the manager, an utility for cropping / resizing now helps to format the image with the correct dimensions.


  • Added function stringConcat that allows to concatenate arguments of any type to a string.
  • Persistent quick replies in the conversation view can now not only jump to experiences or process modules, but also directly to home views or URLs / links.
  • When crawling a website based on a sitemap, page exclusions are now applied.
  • When copying the branding of an experience, now the persistent quick replies are copied, too.


  • Knowledge
    • It is now possible to upload files for GPT sources
    • The status of the GPT index is now displayed


  • Added extensive date & time arithmetic functions that allow following operations:
    • Create local dates such as 2023-07-17 and local date times such as 2023-07-17T12:30:00 relative to the current point in time or a given timestamp, local date or local date time.
    • Create timestamps such as 1689611868 relative to the current point in time or a given timestamp, local date or local date time.
    • Create formatted local dates such as 17.07.2023 and local date times such as 17.07.2023, 12:30 relative to the current point in time or a given timestamp, local date or local date time.
    • Manipulate all those values with functions such as plusChronoUnit, minusChronoUnit, withChronoField and withChronoAdjuster.


  • Knowledge
    • Added GPT 4
    • Sources use sitemap by default, crawler as fallback.
      • Only subpaths of a given URL are indexed (applies for sitemap and crawling).
      • Expert mode with css selectors
    • Removed unused commands (delete, deleteAll) in index fct.
    • Added URL blacklist to crawling
    • Added modal dialog that informs about sources indexing


  • Messages exports now contain the user feedback on GPT messages (thumbs up, thumbs down)
  • German formal (Siezen) is now sent to GPT.
  • Manager UI tweaks
  • Products in chat UI emit click events only when URL is present


  • The bulk bar can now copy multiple experiences, folders and home view at the same time. This enables that references between those objects remain intact.
  • The bulk bar can now archive, unarchive, pause and activate multiple experiences and folders at the same time.
  • The bulk bar can now copy branding between multiple experiences and folders at the same time.


  • Added array access to expression language such as someArray[0].


  • Added functions min, max, toInteger, toLong, toBigInteger, toFloat, toDouble, toBigDecimal, toBoolean.
  • Branch labels are now rendered in analytics


  • A new architecture has been introduced for importing and indexing external knowledge sources. This enables LoyJoy to index large websites, collections of PDFs etc. for a GPT question answering on large document corpora.


  • Expressions can now be configured in all conditions such as BPMN process module conditions, or questionnaire question conditions. Also expressions can be used in variable value assignments such as in the Variable process module or Questionnaire process module.


  • Added expression engine, which now allows to interpolate expressions such as ${4 + 2}. The expression language is a subset of Jakarta Expression Language and will be extended in the next releases.
  • Process module ReachFive can now optionally send an Attack-Protection-Bypass HTTP header, if configured in ReachFive Console.
  • Added support for consent manager CCM19.
  • Added option in Branding > Header > Logo to resize the header logo.
  • In process module Postal Address the house number is now a required field, if activated in process module configuration.
  • Added a LoyJoy help chat in LoyJoy manager based on GPT and this documentation.


  • Markdown links in the chat UI now emit link_clicked event, when clicked.
  • Live view
    • When opening the live view, a visual notification is shown if acoustic notifications are blocked by web browser.
    • Profile admin view and message templates admin view have been extracted into separate pages.
  • ChatGPT
    • Added GPT sources feature, which enables you to integrate additional sources separate from LoyJoy catalog articles, such as PDF files.
    • The ChatGPT prompt can now interpolate variables, e.g. the customer first name.
    • Added a CSV export for GPT messages.
    • Azure GPT 3.5 now is the default model instead of OpenAI ChatGPT for improved performance and data protection.
  • The variables CSV export now contains questions and answers in case of questionnaire variables.
  • Enabled Stripe payment option for Starter and Basic plans.
  • LoyJoy Webinars are now offered on the welcome page.
  • Split branches are not auto-deleted anymore, when removing all process modules from a branch.


  • Process module Handover can now have a custom email subject and body. Also a skip button is offered and ${chat_history()} can be used in the body.


  • Added process module Poll, which based on questionnaire questions show a real-time poll view in the chat.


  • In branding it is now possible to change the text color of paragraphs (free-floating texts) such as "Waiting for Agent"


  • Questions in questionnaires can now be referenced by conditions without variables
  • New variable selector that helps in defining conditions
  • GPT
    • Suggest processes linked to articles by default
    • Allow changing command for prompt
    • Only suggest Continue quick reply in jumps when item in jump manager
    • Add analytics events


  • Added Role Revision
  • In process module Questionnaire date questions can now only ask for month/year or for year instead of day/month/year
  • Product gallery buttons are now aligned to bottom
  • In home view the groups and roster entries can now jump to other home views and URLs instead of only to experiences.
  • In the process editor flow elements can now be rearranged when in detail view.


  • In process module Questionnaire analytics for priority questions were added
  • Added support for Stripe for certain license products.
  • GPT answers can now offer follow-up actions such as jumps to experiences.
  • Process module Beiersdorf can now upload files.
  • Added process module Azure Active Directory. This module allows customers to authenticate in the chat with an user account from Azure Active Directory.
  • Added process module Keycloak. This module allows customers to authenticate in the chat with an user account from Keycloak.


  • Added archive filter to live view
  • In process module Questionnaire the question type Ordering/Prioritize now has a more compact layout, so that more options are visible at the same time on small display sizes.


  • Process module Places now writes to analytics, when a place has been selected.
  • When a timeout occurs when calling OpenAI ChatGPT, a more descriptive error message is given.
  • Weekly analytics update emails now contain the analytics time interval as dates.
  • The customer inquiry is automatically filled into the email handover form, if the inquiry could not be answered by the knowledge base automatically.
  • In process modules that use connectors a how-to guide has been added.
  • In Knowledge and NLU the language is prefilled, if only one language is selected in knowledge settings.
  • The modules on are now sorted alphabetically


  • ChatGPT
    • Switch to ChatGPT-3.5 as default
    • Add button to update GPT knowledge base
    • Use language from LoyJoy in prompt (instruct ChatGPT to answer in users' language)
    • Allow adding custom API keys for OpenAI
  • Knowledge Feedback: Ask your customer for feedback for your articles or GPT answers
  • New Process Module Product-Feed
    • Connect your product feed to LoyJoy, e. g. to easily add products from your PIM system
    • Available connectors: JSON-API, Google Sheets
    • Three recommendation modes: Off, Filter, Smart
  • Product Gallery is now able to filter or recommend products
  • Process module Locale select now reports choices into analytics
  • Upon user registration the welcome email is now delayed 3 minutes
  • Live chat
    • Added typing indicator for both agent and customer
    • Variables such as ${firstname} can be used in message templates
    • In live profile settings now multiple tenants can be selected, of which conversations should be displayed combined in live agent view. This enables an agent of one tenant to interact with conversations in multiple tenants.
  • Analytics
    • Number of chat loads are measured
  • LoyJoy REST Api
    • Added endpoints for creating, reading, updating and deleting articles and catalogs
    • Added endpoint for downloading catalogs as XML
  • Added new function Number of redemptions remaining that returns for process module Loyalty Redemption, how many redemptions remain.
  • OneTrust in consent manager Smart mode now waits 2 seconds for the OneTrust consent manager to load.


  • Process modules, which collect data as variables now require a decision, if this data should be stored in the webbrowser or database. If database is selected, a disk symbol is shown in the process editor.


  • Added JavaScript api endpoints pushRoute and toggle.
  • Process module Appointment can now have multiple recipient email addresses.
  • Added role Knowledge, which can edit knowledge settings and catalogs, but is not able to see detailed customer data or export CSV files.
  • Disabled flow element paste control in analytics.


  • In LoyJoy Manager added Last Editor for experiences and home views.
  • Issues checker
    • Issues are now shown not only at process module level, but also in the processes list as well as at entity level. This helps to identify and fix issues more easily.
    • Added model checking rule for missing articles of experience languages, so that experiences do not show empty knowledge search results.
    • Added model checking rule for PDF files with incorrectly mapped PDF form fields.
    • Added model checking rule for questionnaire icon questions with missing icon assets.
  • Added edit_distance to knowledge settings, which allows you to configure, how far the distance between search term and search text can be. This enables you to reduce false positives or false negatives according to your needs.
  • The sign up page now describes features of the platform.
  • Added REST api for programmatically importing catalogs and articles.
  • Show paste button underneath start event only on hover
  • Analytics emails
    • After subscribing to an experience, summary emails are now sent each Monday instead of every day.
    • Analytics emails have been slightly redesigned and include an opt-out link now.
  • Performance optimization for collecting analytics events.


  • In chat UI added hover effects to header buttons, quick replies, form buttons
  • The color picker in LoyJoy manager now heals invalid color values such as afaFaf to #afafaf.
  • Changed default chat UI font from Roboto to Noto Sans Display


  • Added option fullscreen=true / loyjoy-fullscreen=true so that in Android/iOS app WebView the chat can be forced to fullscreen.
  • Replaced the cross close icon with a down arrow close icon.
  • Optimized article matching algorithm.


  • Process editor
    • Added functionality to delete empty branches
    • The paste module button is now available in context of each flow element so that process modules can be pasted into any position in the model instead only behind the start event of the model.
    • Experiences now can be printed for documentation purposes.
  • Analytics
    • Switch NPS, NLU to table instead of cards
    • Remove some cards from overview, only show in drilldown
    • Share with friends is now detailled with sharing channels
  • Knowledge
    • Let your customers browse your articles by suggesting search results for their query
    • Create searchable articles with markdown support for bold and line break
    • Short articles are rendered in the chat as normal chat messages. Long articles are rendered in the chat as UI elements, which can open an article view.
    • A "Magic Fill" button automatically detects synonyms and rephrases the most relevant concepts of each article to make them more discoverable in the search.
    • Search terms without matching result articles are reported in the manager so that missing articles can be created by you.
    • If no article could be found for a search term, fallback options such as handover to customer support or jumping to another experience can be configured. Such settings do not have to be configured in each experience anymore, but are configured centrally in the tenant.
    • The search does not have to be trained anymore. Modifications go into effect instantly.
  • Live Chat
    • The chat UI is now based on conversations. The chat UI starts in a conversation. New conversations can be started via the home view, or when jumping out of the live chat.
    • Live chat is now async by default, i.e. customers can write in live chat before an agent has claimed the conversation.
    • Knowledge articles can be sent by agents in the live chat
    • After the live chat has been ended by the agent, the customer can re-enter the live chat. However, customers cannot end the live chat, only jump into separate conversations. This ensures that the live channel is kept open to customers.
    • Customers and agents are informed via email automatically, if they are not online and the other side is sending a message. This helps to bring both parties back into the chat.
  • Process module Appointment
    • Customers will now receive an email notification, when they have entered their email before booking an appointment.
    • Simplified creation and management of appointment slots by auto-fill in a certain duration.
  • Process module API client
    • Add asynchronous mode that send requests in the background so users do not have to wait for request completion
  • User management
    • All users can see which users are in the tenant.
    • Non-owners are now able to add users to their existing tenant based on their permission.
    • An owner needs to approve invitations made by non-owners
  • You can now see the filename of an uploaded file (e.g. fonts)
  • Splits and gateways can now be used in the Basic plan
  • Privacy policy is now located in tenant settings
  • Experiences can now be printed in the process editor
  • Transactional emails in LoyJoy Manager are now sent in German or English; users can configure their language in user settings.
  • General UX optimizations in LoyJoy Manager
    • Redesigned text edit fields
    • Redesigned popovers
    • Redesigned dialogs
    • Removed many settings popovers
  • Optimized paddings in chat UI image galleries
  • Model checking
    • New rules for checking broken links, overlapping intervals e.g. in giveaways
  • Web component JavaScript files can be hosted in LoyJoy
  • In branding > settings popover a margin top can be defined for the chat window. This ensures that the chat window does not overlay navbar items on the top right corner of the hosting web page such as sign-in links. Also a max height of the chat window can now be configured, which limits the height on larger screens
  • New assets are saved with their file extension. Accordingly, the new assets' CDN URLs now include the correct file extension instead of the universal .jpg
  • Moved configuration of yes/no quick texts from process to subprocesses, so that they can be configured independently.
  • Remove switch Hide annotations inquries