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WhatsApp Integration

The WhatsApp integration in LoyJoy allows you to connect a LoyJoy experience to a WhatsApp phone number. Your customers can then start a conversation with you in WhatsApp and go through the experience you have created for them.

Available Modules


Please note that this integration is currently in beta. The information on this page is subject to change.

The following modules are available in the WhatsApp integration:

ModuleDescriptionUse Case

Addtional Information

Not all modes of the modules Questionnaire, Automatic Jump, and Decision Jump are supported in WhatsApp. These are the limitations:

  • Questionnaire: Only the Text and Quick Reply question types are supported.
  • Automatic Jump and Decision Jump: Only jumps to other modules in the same experience are supported. It is not possible to jump to other experiences in WhatsApp.


To use the WhatsApp integration, you can simply connect a LoyJoy experience to WhatsApp directly in LoyJoy. You can create a new WhatsApp business account on the fly or reuse an existing one. To connect a WhatsApp experience, you need to go to the Publish tab of your experience and scroll down to WhatsApp Cloud API and click on Log in with Meta. Then a window with the Meta login will open. See here for Meta's documentation on the new embedded signup flow.