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Track the performance of your live chatbots, better understand your customers' behaviour and see your KPIs skyrocket by using the LoyJoy Analytics Dashboard.

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Find Your Way

  • You can find your aggregated, tenant-wide KPIs under "Dashboard" at the top of the page and the performance of the individual experience in the view in the respective folders.

  • By clicking on the chart icon, you can easily access the KPIs of each experiece

  • If you click on the bell icon, you can sign up (or unsubscribe) for a weekly report by email on the performance of each experience:


  • There are two tabs in this view: KPI & Drilldown. The KPI tab shows the aggregated numbers and general charts for this experience. The drilldown tab shows the heatmap depicting which BPMN process modules were visited how often and allows you to click on each module to analyse module-specific data.

Drill down

Drill-Down Tab at a Glance

The drilldown tab shows a sequential view of the different modules that make up an experience. For each of the modules it shows the number of times this module was shown. Laid over the the modules is a heatmap that visually indicates the relative frequency (blue over green and yellow to red from low to high).

Which Numbers Are Displayed (Drill-Down-Tab)

A color visualized heatmap shows how often each of the modules were displayed. The color gradient from blue to green to yellow to red shows a low to high frequency. If you click on the individual modules, you will get more detailed information. For each module, it is indicated how often it was passed through. For some modules, there are also additional KPIs. These are explained in more detail here.

Web Push Opt-In

Here you can see how often the web push opt-in was asked for, how many single and double opt-ins were given and how many times the single opt-in was rejected

Here you can see how often the chatbot was shared via Facebook, email, Twitter, Whatsapp or the link.

NPS Survey

NPS Segments

This diagram shows the distribution of detractors, passives and promoters. If you hover over it, you will also see the absolute number.

NPS Distribution

In this chart you can see the NPS scores per score.

NPS Answers

Download the answers (typed content) of the customers in the NPS rating here. You can choose between the three categories detractors, passives and promoters.


Sign In

Here you get an overview of how many customers have signed in and how often the pin email was sent. You can also see how often the pin was successfully or unsuccessfully entered. In addition, the new customers are also counted. These are customers who enter their email address for the first time.

Decision Jump

Look at the split of how many clients chose which options

Decision Jump

Return Jump

Jumping out and jumping in is counted separately, so the number of clicks can be twice as high as in the previous module.

Loyalty Points

This module provides you with information on how many loyalty points have been awarded, how many different customers have received these points and how many rewards have been redeemed.



Here you can find out how many points have been redeemed in total and how many rewards they have been distributed over.


For the opt-in modules (profiling, reminder, SMS and newsletter), you can see how often single or double opt-ins were given, how often single opt-ins were rejected and how often opt-outs occurred.


See here how many correct and incorrect answers were given and how many pictures were uploaded. You also get an overview of the answer distribution for the individual quiz questions.


Instant Win

Here you can see how many different participants there were and how many in total. You can also see how many participants won and how many lost.

Giveaway Participation

Here you get an overview of how many different customers have participated and how many in total.

Coupon Code

Get an overview of how many coupon codes have been uploaded, how many codes have been distributed and how many codes have been entered.

Appointment Scheduler

Get an overview here of how many appointments have already been booked

Code Entry

Here you can see how many codes were entered, how many of them were correct and how many of them were wrong.

Personal Data

In the modules that request personal data (birthdate, first name, phone number, postal address), you can see how many customers have entered data.

Personal data