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Knowledge Settings

GPT Model

Currently you can choose one of multiple GPT models

  • Azure GPT-3.5
  • Azure GPT-4
  • OpenAI Custom
  • OpenAI GPT-3.5
  • OpenAI GPT-4
  • OpenAI GPT-4-Turbo

OpenAI Custom / Fine-Tuned Model

When selecting the OpenAI Custom model, you have to enter the name of a fine-tuned model from OpenAI, e.g. ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:loyjoy::78FKGnvO. See the OpenAI documentation for instructions on how to fine-tune a model.

Custom GPT API Keys

When using an OpenAI model, you can enter your own OpenAI API key to route the API calls via your OpenAI account.

When using an Azure model, you can also add custom access information. In this case you not only need to enter an API key, but also the base URL and deployment names. See the article "Azure GPT" for further details.