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Smart Search vs. NLU


Smart SearchNLU
What is?The chatbot provides a selection of search results (keywords) that are presented in the chat and can then be selected by the user to jump into the different experiences.Automated responses or redirection after free text input from customers by training the algorithm.
Implementation effortsLow, entering the searchable tags in respective chat experience.Very high, creation of training data (at least 15 examples per intent) plus default answer for unrecognized questions, regular adaptation to real customer requests after go-live and ongoing evaluation of answers in NLU area.
CostsBasic Edition; no extra costsPro Edition; possibly additional support costs due to independent project
Recommended Use CasesProduct recommendation chat with limited number of products that can be accessed by answering questions or directly through Smart Search.Help chatbot by asking customers to make any requests and being redirected to different help areas or separate processes.
Advantagesmore target-oriented, much less potential for error and much less effortPro: Customer inquiries can also be formulated as sentences/continuous text, more different options, NLU can also recognize synonyms
LimitationsCon: customers can only enter/select targeted keywords, no formulated texts/questions are recognizedCon: high error potential, very high effort, longer sentences/requests from customers can lead to false positives