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Craft a Killer LoyJoy Chat in 7 Simple Steps

1. Begin With a 1 Sentence Value Proposition

The intro is crucial. People decide instantly if they will interact or leave.


2. Offer 2-3 Buttons to Hit the Sweet Spot

Offering 1 button is NOT a conversation, more than 4 buttons lead to the paradox of choice.

3. Emojis, Animations + Questions Convey Emotions

Joy is what distinguishes an average experience from an exceptional experience.

4. Use “I” Instead of “We” to Build a Personal Connection

Use the “I” perspective to switch from anonymous to relatable.

5. Keep Offering the Other Options Later

Initially offer 2-3 buttons. After customers pick one option, offer the other options again later.

6. Keep Buttons Short With Clear CTA


7. Use Chat Preview on Website and “Open Automatically” in SoMe

People need to discover your chat. Your chat preview in Branding must contain the 1 sentence value proposition plus 1-3 buttons. Switch on “open automatically” when the chat is the core of the experience/website and when publishing to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.