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Custom Email SMTP Servers

You can use your own SMTP server to send emails via LoyJoy. Doing this, emails can look like they were sent from your own domain.


E-Mail settings are active for the whole experience. It is not possible to have different SMTP settings in different modules.


You can access the settings by clicking the letter icon in any module that sends emails. The email icon will display with colors inverted if custom settings have been entered.

Email icon

You will need to enter the following settings:

  • From email address (e.g.
  • SMTP host (e.g.
  • SMTP port (usually 25, 465, or 587; please avoid 25 as it is often blocke)
  • SMTP username (e.g. smtpuser)
  • SMTP password

Email Queue

You can enable an email queue in case your SMTP server does not respond to requests inside 8 seconds. In such cases LoyJoy will not be able to send emails without the email queue as a fast response is required by the chat.


Emails are not sent

  • Make sure the username and password entered are correct and have the required permissions
  • Make sure you are allowed to send emails under the from email address you entered

Emails are delayed

  • If you have the email queue enabled, expect a delay of 1-2 minutes
  • Make sure your SMTP server is not overloaded