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Email HTML Templates

Several LoyJoy process modules such as the coupon code process module or the sign-in process module send emails to customers. For such process modules there is the option to enter an HTML email template, which then is used for the email body instead of a LoyJoy default email template.

This option introduces the question, how to create such HTML email templates. LoyJoy itself does not contain an HTML email template generator, as this is a complex topic w.r.t. compatibility issues with all sorts of email clients and spam filter optimization techniques.

Therefore we recommend to:

  • Use a dedicated solution such as Stripo. Solutions like Stripo allow you to create HTML email templates on your own or from predefined templates, and then export them as HTML source code. The exported HTML source code then can be entered in LoyJoy into the process module in the according HTML template input field.
  • Reuse templates already available to you from other campaigns or contexts. You can retrieve the HTML for an existing email (a) in Google Mail by clicking "Show Original" and (b) in Outlook by right-clicking the email in the emails list and clicking "View Source". To retrieve the HTML from the email, (1) copy the email body starting with <!DOCTYPE ..., (2) decode it with a Decoder to HTML and (3) paste the result into the LoyJoy process module in the according HTML template input field.

How to Add Email HTML Templates in LoyJoy