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Coupon Code Module


Provide customers with a coupon code with discounts or promotional offers on your products or services. Show coupon codes in the chat or send them by email. Optionally you can output the codes as barcode or QR code.

Typical Use Cases

Reward your customers with discount promotions or loyalty points or compensate them with coupons in case of problems. Reward them for entering their personal data for the newsletter or play discounts in the raffle.

How to Use the Module


You need the email address of the customer. Use the “Email” or “Sign in” module.


Choose how often the customers can receive a coupon. You can choose between once, daily, weekly or unrestricted often.

Loyalty points

Optional decision: Do your customers need loyalty points to get a coupon code?

Barcode type

You can select a barcode type like QR code. The coupon will be displayed in this type in email or chat. Up to date the code could be generated in the types: Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, EAN 13, EAN 8, GS-1 Databar Expanded, ITF or PDF417.

Coupon code by email

You can send the coupon code via email. Choose the email subject and the message body or add an HTML email template.

In the email you can use the following template variables in addition to the general variables and expressions available in LoyJoy:

  • ${coupon_code}: The coupon code as letters or digits
  • ${code_qr_html}: The html code for the coupon code images
  • ${message}: The message you entered in the module
  • ${footer}: The footer you entered in the module
  • ${imprint}: The imprint you entered in the module

Manage coupon

Here you can upload code files for the coupons. For the testing, you can download an example CSV file. To use this example file, you have to download it and upload it afterwards. In the table you have an overview of the last 100 issued coupons and which e-mail address is registered for it and on which date. You can export all data with the CSV-export bottom. All data are automatically deleted after 720 days.

Notify, when running out of codes

You can trigger an email when the available codes run out. Enter an email address and number of minimum codes.

Useful Tips

The following variables are created here: ${coupon_code}