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JavaScript Module


Define arbitrary JavaScript code to be executed in the user’s browser. Code should not contain secrets / secret code as it will be sent unencrypted to the user’s browser.

Typical Use Cases

Useful addition for performing logical tasks with stored variables.

How to Use the Module

How to write variables from JavaScript

You can define a function with the name evalFunction in your code. This function should return an array containing objects with the attributes key and value to be set as variables.

Example for such a function:

function evalFunction() {
return [{"key": "somekey", "value": "testvalue"}];

Please Note

This variable will not be set directly with the key somekey. The ID of the process module will be appended to the given key as a safety measure.

So for example the variable define in the example above would have the key somekey_e430ec70_3428_4616_a665_a2b4c68d3dec if the process module’s ID is e430ec70-3428-4616-a665-a2b4c68d3dec. You can copy the ID directly when configuring the module.