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Lottie Module


Upload a Lottie animation, which should be rendered in the conversation background.

Typical Use Cases

Lottie is a file format for vectorial animation and a lighter alternative to animated GIFs. You can design your own Lottie animations with Adobe After Effects or find a large number of Lottie animations at

How to Use the Module

To use a Lottie animation in LoyJoy, upload a Lottie JSON animation file in the Lottie process module. The animation will be rendered in the chat background when passing through the Lottie process module.

Further configuration options are:

  • Alignment: Align the Lottie animation at the top,center,bottom,right and left of the chat background.
  • Size adjustment: With Meet the Lottie animation will be fully visible, eventually leading to borders around the animation. With Slice the Lottie animation will be visible in cover mode, filling the complete chat background, however being cut to fit the chat background.
  • Loop Lottie animation: Normally a Lottie animation stops after reaching the end of its timeline. This options restarts the Lottie animation from the start, with infinite loops by default.
  • Number of loops: Limit the number of loops from infitie to a specific number.
  • Freeze last frame: After completing the last loop, the Lottie animation by default will disappear. With this option the Lottie animation will stay in the chat background.