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Handover via Email Module


Let customers get in touch with your team via email.


Typical Use Cases

This module is the perfect solution for support requests, offer consultations and many more!

How to Use the Module

Contact email

In the first step, you are required to enter an email address where customer requests will be transferred to.

Optional additional contact information

After entering an email address, you are able to add additional information which will be presented to the user such as Firstname, Last Name or an image. In the GIF presented above, you can see the First and Last Name as LoyJoy Support Team as well as our LoyJoy Logo as the image.

Assignment rule

Add rules to determine multiple receivers of the request. By using conditions where you specify variables, you are able to connect different requests with different receivers. For cases where no rule applies, the default contact information above is used.

Other texts

Change every text like the placeholders or introduction message.