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Instant Win Module


Sometimes you want to tell your customers immediately if they have won a prize. This is where the Instant Win module becomes useful. Create excitement and let your customers know instantaneously if they have won. Using probability parameters, you can define within the platform how many times winners should be drawn. It is also possible to set the maximum number of winners.

Typical Use Cases

This module goes hand in hand with a raffle participation, which can be created with the quiz or questionnaire module. Imagine the following scenario: You offer a raffle with various prizes, ranging from smaller prizes to main prizes. For example, the winner for the main prize could be selected after the campaign or raffle has ended, however smaller prizes could be awarded on a real-time basis with the instant win process module.

How to Use the Module

Add the Instant Win process module after your raffle participation process module, set the parameters for probability and maximum number of winners and wish your participants good luck.

Useful Tips

Within the platform, you can see a list of participants and winners in a separate view for your analytics and data collection purposes. If you want to delete winners (e.g. for testing purposes), you can do so directly in the winners table.