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Decision Jump Module


The Decision Jump module allows customers to navigate dynamically within a chatbot, either by jumping into a specific process step or transitioning into another chatbot experience. You can configure up to seven jump options, enabling versatile and responsive interactions.

Typical Use Cases

The Decision Jump module is ideal for scenarios where you want to:

  • Provide users with quick replies to guide them to different chatbot experiences based on their preferences.
  • Allow users to skip or proceed to specific steps within a process, enhancing the flow and relevance of interactions.
  • Customize the user journey by offering tailored navigation options, ensuring a more personalized and efficient experience.

How to Use the Module

The Decision Jump module can be used to jump to different parts of the chatbot flow. There are two primary configurations:

  1. Choose experience
  • Function: Jump into another chatbot experience to connect different chatbots.
  • Usage: Ideal for scenarios where you want to transition users between distinct chatbot experiences seamlessly.
  1. Choose Sub Process
  • Function: Jump to a process brick within the current experience.
  • Usage: Useful for navigating within a single chatbot experience, directing users to specific process steps based on their choices.

Jumping Mechanics

  • Seamless Transition: Jumping between experiences or processes retains any information or local variables that have been collected. The flow behaves as a unified experience, ensuring continuity in the user interaction.
  • Limitations: While you can jump to different experiences and subprocesses, you cannot jump into a completely different bot. The transitions are limited to experiences and subprocesses within the same bot.

Example Configurations

Experience Jump

Imagine you have a customer service chatbot with various service categories (e.g., Billing, Technical Support, General Inquiries). You can set up a Decision Jump module to allow users to select the service they need, directing them to the appropriate subprocess or experience based on their choice.

Question: "How can we assist you today?" Options:

  1. "Billing" (jumps to the Billing experience)
  2. "Technical Support" (jumps to the Technical Support experience)
  3. "General Inquiries" (jumps to the General Inquiries experience) By configuring the Decision Jump module in this way, you enhance the chatbot's interactivity and ensure users are guided to the most relevant assistance quickly.

Subprocess Jump

Consider a scenario where you want to offer users the option to skip a feedback step in your chatbot flow. You can use the Decision Jump module to present this choice.

Question: "Would you like to provide feedback?" Options:

  1. "Yes" (jumps to the Feedback subprocess)
  2. "No" (skips the Feedback subprocess) By setting up the Decision Jump module in this manner, you provide users with the flexibility to navigate the chatbot flow according to their preferences, improving their overall experience.