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Optimizely Module


Add, update, or remove recipients from a recipient list in Optimizely. Also check the subscription status.

Acquire Basic Auth

To set up basic authorization you have to contact Optimizely support and create a new API user with a new email address. You will receive an API password from Optimizely customer support. The username and password then need to be Base64 encoded for the HTTP Basic Authentication. See also the Optimizely documentation.


You can also enter username and password directly in LoyJoy and it will generate the basic authorization for you.

Other requirements

You also need the Client ID the ID of the recipient list you want to work with.

If you want to subscribe users with a double opt-in process you also need the opt-in process ID from Optimizely.


Using the module you can:

  • Check the subscription status of an email address in a recipient list
  • Add an email address to a recipient list
  • Delete an email address from a recipient list

In all cases, the email address is taken automatically from the LoyJoy variables. You need to use either an email module or a sign-in module to let users enter their email address so that it can be used in the Optimizely module.

Check the subscription status of an email address in a recipient list

When checking the subscription status the module will create a variable called optimizely_opt_in_status. The variable will have the value found if the email address could be found on the given recipient list. Otherwise the variable will have the value not_found.