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Add Variable Module


Set one or multiple variables in the process.

Typical Use Cases

Variables are useful to design personalized experiences. A good addition for application forms or invoices would be the PDF module, which allows you to create individual PDF files using the previously saved variables.

How to Use the Module

For the variable target you can configure following settings:

  • You have to specify a variable name, i.e. under which name the variable value should be stored. Valid variable names should only contain following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 _
  • Optionally, you can define, whether the variable should be stored in the web browser only (Browser (Cookie)), or both the web browser and the web server (Server (Database)). Storing variables on the web server makes sense, if you eventually want to download them at a certain point in time.
  • Also you can define, whether the variable should be available only in the current process (process-specific), or all processes (process-independent). Typically, variables should be process-specific, except you want to read them from other processes.

For the variable source you can select, whether the variable value should be

  • a fixed value (i.e. constant),
  • a value from another process variable, or
  • a value from calling a function.

Useful Tips

Typically, the option fixed value is used. The option process variable makes sense to copy a variable to a new variable name. The option function can be used to call functions for more complicated use cases such as copying a parameter value into a variable or evaluating time-dependent functions.