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PDF Module


With the PDF module you can generate a PDF document based on a HTML template or writable PDF and let your customer download the created PDF file. It is also possible to send the PDF via email. You can use process variables to dynamically fill your PDF documents.

Typical Use Cases

You can use the module for application forms, documents to be signed or a summary of submitted data.

How to Use the Module

HTML based PDF template

Basic HTML knowledge is helpful to create appealing HTML templates which are the basis of the PDF to be created. There are plenty helpful online word to html editors, which can be used as a guideline to your HTML template. In the PDF module settings you can choose whether you want to offer the PDF as a downloadable file, send it via email or both.

Writabe PDF form

If you have a writable PDF form it is possible to dynamically fill it with submitted data. Prerequisite is a clean naming of the form fields. Just upload the form via the upload button and the system automatically recognizes the form fields and lists them as target fields. Now, generate a mapping where you match the source-expressions in LoyJoy (e.g. variables) with the target fields. To mark the checkbox with crosses create a variable and give it the value "true". It is important that the PDF form is writable and not protected from automatic description. In the mapping, unnamed fields are listed as undefined and incremented (undefined1, undefined2, etc.).

Useful Tips

The module becomes even more useful if you work with variables inside your experience. Then it is possible to create PDF files with unique user data on the go.