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GPT Gateway


The GPT AI decides which path a customer inquiry that is entered in the chat is routed to (respond to a knowledge request, answer a follow-up question or react to small talk). This module requires a Message Start event to work. It will not work with the regular start event.

How to use the module

Automatically add the GPT gateway to your Experience

In your experience, head over to the Knowledge tab. Activate the input field by clicking "Yes" below "Should the text input field be shown?". A button "Activate GPT" will appear. Click the button and then click on "Manage" to configure your GPT gateway and the GPT modules.

Manually add GPT gateway to your Experience

Add the GPT gateway module to your Experience via drag & drop. Make sure a Message Start event is used.

Add paths and their description

Connect GPT with LoyJoy experiences: Add new paths with a description to the GPT gateway module. The description is used by GPT to route to different paths. The description should be a short sentence that describes the path, for example your experience. That way GPT will route customers to the right experiences / processes. Use a Jump back module to link to the target experience.

Default paths and descriptions

Path 1: Knowledge question

Default path description:

Good for answering standalone questions from a knowledge base.

Path 2: Follow-up question

Default path description:

Good if you believe that the input is not an independent question but rather a follow-up or clarification question that requires rephrasing and references the previous question of the human.

Path 3: Small talk

Default path description:

Good for casual conversations, small talk and informal discussions. Suitable for addressing simple inquiries like 'How are you?' or 'What is your name?' as well as expressing gratitude with phrases like 'Thank you' or exchanging greetings.