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Rapidmail Module


Add a recipient to a recipient list in Rapidmail.

Username & Password

To authenticate with Rapidmail, DO NOT use your personal username and password. Instead, create an API key in Rapidmail and use this key to authenticate with the module.


Using the module you can:

  • Add an email address to a recipient list. You can find the corresponding recipient list ID in the URL. If you want to subscribe users with a double opt-in process you need to select recipient status "New" instead of "Active" in the process module and enable the option send activation email in the process module. This will send an email to the user with a link to confirm the subscription. The email is sent by Rapidmail and can be customized in the Rapidmail settings.

Rapidmail Recipient List ID

The email address is taken automatically from the LoyJoy variables. You need to use either an email module or a sign-in module to let users enter their email address so that it can be used in the Rapidmail module.


In the mappings you can configure target fields to write to. By default only the email address is added to the recipient list. If you want to add additional information to the recipient list you can use mappings in the process module. This will add the custom fields to the recipient list and you can use them in the email template.

firstname, lastname, gender, title, zip, birthdate, foreign_id, mailtype, extra1, extra2, extra3, extra4, extra5, extra6, extra7, extra8, extra9, extra10, extrabig1, extrabig2, extrabig3, extrabig4, extrabig5, extrabig6, extrabig7, extrabig8, extrabig9, extrabig10, created_ip, created_host, activated

These fields are documented in the Rapidmail API documentation.