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GPT Knowledge Followup


GPT Knowledge is a module that allows you to answer your customer’s questions using GPT. However, to create a decent context to answer the question, the question needs to be atomic, hence not referencing any previous questions.

Consider the following dialog between a human and an AI assistant:

Human: What is the weather like today? AI: It is sunny. Human: What about tomorrow?

To answer the second question, the AI needs to know that the second question is a follow-up question to the first question. This is not possible with the GPT Knowledge module. The GPT Knowledge Followup module allows you to create a standalone follow-up question that can be answered with GPT Knowledge. The question of the user will be rephrased such that it contains enough context to be answered by GPT Knowledge. The rephrased question the module will provide would be:

Human: What will the weather be like tomorrow?