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Giveaway Participation Module


Let your customers participate in raffles.

Typical Use Cases

Raffle participation, quizzes etc.

How to Use the Module

Add giveaway

Add a new giveaway and choose how often the consumer can participate.


Adding a giveaway is required. Users will not be able to participate without a giveaway present.

Dated giveaways

Giveaways can be active for a certain time frame. This can be helpfule if you e.g. run a giveaway for 3 months, but want to draw a winner inside each month. You can then add three giveaways, each to be active for one month only.


Giveaways without date have precedence over dated giveaways. To use dated giveaways, all giveaways have to have a date associated.


You can use incomplete dates such as 12-04 instead of 2022-12-04 to have the giveaway be active every year on the 4th of December. This can be helpful if you copy an experience for the next year.

Sign in or email

This module requires the email address of the participant. Participations are saved in association with the email address.

You can use the email module or the sign in module to have the user's email available.

Drawing participants

You can draw random participants under Drawn participations.