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Process-specific Variables

Many LoyJoy process modules automatically create process-specific variables, when customers interact with the chat. For example such variables can be a coupon code a customer has received in the chat. Process-specific means, that the variable is only available in the current process, i.e. scoped to the current process. So the variable will not be visible in other processes. This makes sense for variables that are only relevant to the current process such as a coupon code received, but not the first name of the customer.

Process-specific Variables List

The following list covers most process-specific variables, which are created by process modules. Please note that:

  • The variable names do not form a forever constant API, as they may be extended and changed with the further development and growing feature set of LoyJoy. So you can use these variables, however they belong to their corresponding process module and might change occasionally, if the process module is further developed.
  • Additional variable names may and certainly will be created that are not included in this list, as many process modules such as the Variable process module and Questionnaire process module can create arbitrary variables as decided by the modeller.
Variable nameVariable description
api_client_status_codeThe HTTP status code returned by API client. (API Client)
appointment_dateThe appointment date. (Appointment)
appointment_timeThe appointment time. (Appointment)
codeA code entered by the customer. (Code)
code_inA code that should be checked. (Code)
code_valueA variable value, that is set upon entering a correct code. (Code)
consent_termstrue if the customer has accepted terms.
coupon_codeCoupon code as received by the customer. (Coupon)
interactedtrue if the customer has interacted with the process, i.e. has responded to the chat at least once.
live_in_force_startIf true, the live chat is forced to start, i.e. ignores if there are agents available. (Live, Sikom)
loyalty_points_receivedWhen the customer receives loyalty points, the number of received points. Not identical to the final loyalty_balance. (Loyalty)
loyalty_points_spentWhen the customer spends loyalty points, the number of points spent. Not identical to the final loyalty_balance. (Redemptions)
nps_detractor_textThe NPS detractor feedback text a customer has given. (NPS Survey)
nps_passive_textThe NPS passive feedback text a customer has given. (NPS Survey)
nps_promoter_textThe NPS promoter feedback text a customer has given. (NPS Survey)
nps_scoreThe NPS score a customer has given. Should be a value from 0 to 10. (NPS Survey)
nps_textThe NPS text a customer has given, either detractor, passive or promoter. (NPS Survey)
opening_hours_opentrue if opening hours are open, else false. (Opening Hours)
participationThe timestamp of the last participation, when the customer has participated in a giveaway participation. (Participation)
participation_not_allowedtrue if the customer was not allowed to participate in a giveaway participation, e.g. due to a prior participation. (Participation)
regionThe region selected by the customer. (Region)
scanner_codeThe code scanned by the customer. (Scanner)
sikom_agent_availabletrue if an agent is available in Sikom. (Sikom)
snapshot_imageThe id for the image uploaded by the customer. (Snapshot)
snapshot_image_urlThe URL for the image uploaded by the customer. (Snapshot)
wintrue is the customer has won an instant win, else false. (Win)