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Process-independent Variables

Many LoyJoy process modules automatically create process-independent variables, when customers interact with the chat. For example such process-independent variables can be the first name a customer has entered in the chat. Process-independent means, that the variable is available in the current process, and all other processes. This makes sense for variables regarding the customer, e.g. for the first name or postal address.

Process-independent Variables List

The following list covers most process-independent variables, which are created by process modules. Please note that:

  • The variable names do not form a forever constant API, as they may be extended and changed with the further development and growing feature set of LoyJoy. So you can use these variables, however they belong to their corresponding process module and might change occasionally, if the process module is further developed.
  • Additional variable names may and certainly will be created that are not included in this list, as many process modules such as the Variable process module and Questionnaire process module can create arbitrary variables as decided by the modeller.
Variable nameVariable description
auth_emailThe customer email address, verified in an authentication step. (Sign-In, Auth0, ReachFive, ProCampaign, Beiersdorf)
birthdateThe customer birthdate. (Birthdate)
consent_double_opt_in_smstrue if a SMS double opt-in has been given via TAN code. (SMS Opt-In)
consent_single_opt_in_newslettertrue if a newsletter single opt-in has been given. (Newsletter Opt-In)
consent_single_opt_in_profilingtrue if a profiling single opt-in has been given. (Profiling Opt-In)
consent_single_opt_in_remindertrue if a reminder single opt-in has been given. (Reminder Opt-In)
consent_single_opt_in_smstrue if a SMS single opt-in has been given. (SMS Opt-In)
consent_single_opt_in_web_pushtrue if a Web push single opt-in has been given. (Web Push Opt-In)
countryThe customer country. (Postal Address)
emailThe customer email, not verified in an authentication step. (Email)
firstnameThe customer first name. (First Name, Postal Address)
house_numberThe customer house number. (Postal Address)
genderThe customer gender. Values can be male, female or diverse. These values are not exhaustive as additional values might occur depending on the process configuration. (Gender)
language_iso_6391The customer ISO 6391 language code.
lastnameThe customer last name. (Last Name, Postal Address)
localityThe customer locality, e.g. city. (Postal Address)
loyalty_balanceThe customer loyalty balance, if the customer has received loyalty points. (Code, Coupon Code, Loyalty, Loyalty Referral, Redemptions, Rewards, Win)
participation_numThe number of participations a customer has made in all processes. (Participation)
phoneThe customer phone numer. Can be any format, however should be according to E.164. (Phone)
region_iso_31662The customer region according to ISO 31662.
salutationThe customer salutation or honorific prefix, e.g. Mr. or Ms.. (Postal Address)
sign_up_ip_addressThe customer sign-up IP address. (Sign-In)
sign_up_referrerThe customer sign-up referrer. (Sign-In)
sign_up_timestampThe customer sign-up timestamp. (Sign-In)
sign_up_user_agentThe customer sign-up user agent, i.e. web browser. (Sign-In)
streetThe customer street address, optionally including the house number. (Postal Address)
tagsAn array of tags that has been assigned to the customer. (Tag)
zipcodeThe customer zip code. (Postal Address)