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At LoyJoy, you can choose to create your own experience from scratch or use one of the many templates that we have already created for you! If you want to use our templates (e.g. giveaways or advent calendars), simply click on New experience in the Experiences tab.

New Experience

Now you have the following options: Blank experience: Start from scratch with your own experience From template: Use one of our awesome templates! Paste copy: Paste an already created experience from your dashboard

From template

For this example, we select From template to get to the following window, which allows you to choose a new experience from a template. Choose experience

The image below shows just a few of the many templates waiting for you to try! Let's choose Raffles + Quiz with permission in this case. You can click on the blue button to get directly to the experience.

Click bot

And that's it! Here is your new experience to try out. Obviously, you can always style and modify it to your own preferences!

Bot preview